Piers Morgan delivers digs to Meghan Markle as kids win royal titles

Although Piers said yesterday he cried over the Queen’s death, his decision to post about royal titles has split fans, with many calling it ‘inappropriate’.

@Michael92716169 chided him with the words, “Now is not the time. I had respect for your comments about the Queen yesterday, but it’s gone now. You are pathetic in every way possible.”

@charlmorgan13 agreed, adding, “I thought your coverage yesterday was extremely heartfelt and poignant, but even now you just can’t shut up about it and can’t resist a dig.”

@AliHookEvans chimed in to say, “Is that what you’re proposing the week of the anniversary of Diana’s death and the Queen’s death? Her mother and grandmother, great-grandmother of his children. You have no shame.”

However @jackie_clouston, on the other hand, seemed to agree with Piers’ condemnation of Meghan, exclaiming: ‘Please tell me now that Meg will have to curtsy every time she sees Kate !!!! Cherry on the cake!”

Source: Express



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