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Who is Erdogan addressing? "We may come suddenly one night"?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a very harsh message to Greece, in a speech he delivered from Samsun State on the occasion of the Space and Technology Festival (Technovist) organized by his son-in-law Selcuk Bayraktar, the developer and manufacturer of drones, and the harshness of these messages was met with great surprise and concern in both Europe and Greece, because In this speech, Erdogan publicly stated that he would not hesitate to impose any kind of sanctions against Greece if they did not limit them, and these statements were taken as an explicit warning of the threat, because it came in the form of historical connotations with the phrase “we may come suddenly one night, by surprise.” Which he used in his speech, a lyrical word in Turkey, often broadcast on radio before the war to give a message and warning to the Greek side that Turkey was not kidding before the 1974 Cyprus military operation.

Erdogan did not suddenly utter these words just to pursue a policy of expansion, but he was saying this because of Greece’s repeated mistakes. The harassment of Greek planes led to Turkish warplanes and then the S-300 system; To raise the tension in Turkish-Greek relations to a new stage

The Greek and Roman sides claimed that these words were empty, and did not take into account the possibility of Turkey taking a serious step. And in 1974 when Turkey decided to carry out the Cyprus operation, when the Turkish Muslims in Northern Cyprus were rescued from Greek persecution, this song was broadcast on the radio again, and for this reason this sentence has a place and importance, especially in Turkish-Greek relations, and its connotations can be considered very bad For the Greek side.

Erdogan used the same sentence, as a warning against the Kurdistan Workers Party and the Democratic Union Party, which recently threatened Turkey on Syrian territory, and he did what he said, and indeed, Turkish soldiers entered 3 times in one night suddenly into Syrian territory, and not only did they inflict heavy casualties on the terrorist organization, but also created Safe areas for Syrians free from terrorism, and thus we see that when Turkey uses this sentence, these actions are enough to show that it is no longer a joke, and that the threatening power of singing this song increases as a real threat.

It is precisely for this reason that the Greek media greeted these words with great panic and concern; It began accusing Turkey of aggression as if an attack had taken place, and complained about Turkey to the European Union and NATO.

However; Erdogan did not suddenly utter these words just to pursue a policy of expansion, but he was saying this because of Greece’s repeated mistakes. The harassment of Turkish warplanes by Greece’s planes and then the S-300 system raised the tension in Turkish-Greek relations to a new stage.

President Erdoğan, who warned Athens with “Stop arming the islands, I am not joking” during the “Ephesus 2022” military exercises held in Izmir last June; Send clearer and harsher messages after these latest harassment; The question is, of course, related to the attempts of Greek “armament”, which are incompatible with the treaties on the islands; The condition was that these islands, which lie next to Turkey and which were given to Greece, be unarmed. However, Greece is not only installing dangerous weapons on these islands which are very close to Turkey, but also committing serious violations against Turkey from time to time.

In fact, everyone knows very well that such a challenge that Greece presents to Turkey is not due to its strength and courage, but rather to the fact that there are other actors who want to use Greece as a “proxy state” against Turkey, just as they wage proxy wars through terrorist organizations, Greece is also playing an agent role, for a certain fee, in the process, perhaps because of its economic difficulties; Therefore, Turkey evaluates this issue in this direction.

as two countries that use Greece as a proxy; Both the United States and France have their own reasons for these provocations. Before that, France is not comfortable with Turkey gaining power in Libya and Africa, because both sides have suffered greatly recently, and Turkey is the reason for this.

The dangerous tension that turned into a conflict in Libya last week and claimed the lives of more than 30 people occurred between groups working together against Haftar’s forces, and France is behind this action, and the Macron administration has never hidden its annoyance with Turkey’s activity in Libya and its gaining power across Africa ; So the Turkish-Greek war (one of the quickest ways to curb the sympathy of Turkey and Erdogan that is spreading throughout the African continent) might serve France’s interests in Africa and elsewhere in general.

Macron also stated – some time ago – that Turkey’s continuity of communication with Russia (which is the only NATO country that has not severed its relations with it) contradicts France’s interests, and at this stage the French president did not hide his intention to isolate Turkey from the Western bloc.

likewise; It is no secret that the United States is seriously disturbed by Turkey’s independent steps in its foreign policy; For America, this situation is read as a departure from Turkey’s control; So it is believed that the way to rein in Turkey for them is a Turkish-Greek war.

Erdogan directs his message to the forces against this background when he says, “Greece is not our interlocutor,” while delivering his speech on the anniversary of the Turkish war of independence against Greece, which took place 103 years ago. In doing so, he asked not only Greece, but also the powers behind Greece at that time to receive the message of the event 103 years ago, as well as today.

History repeats itself; 103 years ago Greece faced Turkey, although it was a power that could not be taken seriously against the Ottoman Empire, it is doing the same today, and the lesson it will learn will not be different from what it has learned from history.


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