Russian army mutiny: General tells Putin to fuck off as anger grows

The Russian army is facing a huge military disaster on its eastern front, after Ukrainian forces launched a surprise counterattack last week. The Kyiv Army captured over 30 towns and villages and recovered 2,500 square kilometers of territory from the Russians within days. The incredible speed of the advance shows no sign of slowing down, as the Ukrainian commanders seek to assert their advantage.

Reports are now coming in of the strategically vital cities of Kupiansk and Izyum falling to Kyiv.

Putin and his generals have resorted to pointing fingers at each other as tensions between the Russian leader and his military high command flare.

Telegram channel General SVR reported at a recent meeting called by a furious Putin that one of his generals could no longer contain his frustrations and told the Russian president where he could go.

General SVR said: “The most significant event of the meeting was a report to the President via video link from one of the generals, who is much closer to the front line than the other speakers.

“Already at the beginning of the general’s report, Putin began to have doubts about his sobriety.

“The president asked him directly if he had been drinking alcohol, to which the general reacted with some audacity.

“Furthermore, Putin tried to put the general in his place with a brutal threat.

“The general didn’t back down and told Putin to go you know where!”

He added: “Putin stopped the video link and ordered his officials to ‘close it.

“After the incident, the president’s mood got even worse and he postponed the meeting until Thursday.”

The General SVR channel regularly commented on Putin’s health. It is believed to be headed by Viktor Yermolaev, a lawyer from Kharkiv.

Source: Express



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