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Urgent | The International Union of Muslim Scholars assigns a new president to succeed Raissouni

The Board of Trustees of the International Union of Muslim Scholars announced the assignment of Habib Salem Saqqaf Al-Jafri to head the union until the end of the current session, succeeding former President Ahmed Raissouni, who resigned after his statements provoked angry reactions in Algeria and Mauritania.

A statement issued by the Federation, today, Saturday, said that the special meeting, which was held via Zoom technology, assigned Habib Salem Saqqaf Al-Jafri after the resignation of Moroccan Dr. Ahmed Raissouni.

Al-Jafri was chosen from among the three deputies of the president to complete the remaining period, provided that the election of the president, his deputies and the trustees will be in the ordinary general meeting that was decided to be held at the beginning of next year.

Who is the designated president?

According to the official website of the Union of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Habib Salem Saqqaf Al-Jafri, 68, was born in Indonesia, holds a doctorate in Islamic law, and held the position of Minister of Social Affairs in Indonesia, and also worked as a lecturer in graduate studies at Sharif Hidayatullah University. The Islamic State University in Jakarta, and a lecturer at the Faculty of Sharia at the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Jakarta, affiliated with Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia.

He also served as Director of the Sharia Advisory Center in Jakarta, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Bait Al Mal “Moamalat”, a member of the Sharia Board of Islamic Insurance “Takaful”, and a member of the Sharia Board of the National Bank in Jakarta.

Raissouni’s resignation

About two weeks ago, the International Union of Muslim Scholars announced the acceptance of the resignation of its president, Sheikh Ahmed Raissouni, following his statements about Western Sahara that sparked controversy.

Raissouni said – in a statement – that he resigned in order to “adhere to his firm, firm positions and opinions that do not accept compromise, and in order to exercise his freedom of expression without conditions or pressure.”

Raissouni had said, in an interview with the Moroccan Blanca Press website (independent) in mid-August, that Moroccans are ready to advance towards Tindouf (an Algerian city) to liberate their desert, according to him, and pointed out that “even the existence of Mauritania is wrong, as well as the Sahara.” Morocco must return to the way it was before the European invasion.

On August 17, the Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Ali Al-Qara Daghi said that the union’s position on the statements of its president, Ahmed Raissouni, in a television interview broadcast recently about Western Sahara, “represents him alone, and does not represent Muslim scholars.”

Al-Qara Daghi explained that the constitution of the International Union of Muslim Scholars stipulates that the opinion that is given to the Union is the opinion that is agreed upon and signed by the President and the Secretary General after advice and then issued in the name of the Union, and based on this principle, interviews or articles for the President or Secretary General express an opinion It is said only, and does not necessarily express the opinion of the Federation.



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