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Iran..the regime mobilizes its supporters and the army sends a warning to the protesters and a new death toll and detainees

Today, Friday, demonstrations in support of the ruling regime took place in Iran in response to the protests that have been going on for a week, following the death of a girl who was detained in a security center in Tehran. While the army issued a strong warning to the protesters, a new death toll and arrests were revealed.

Thousands participated in demonstrations in Tehran and other provinces denouncing what it described as riots in the recent protests. The demonstrators chanted slogans supporting the regime and denouncing those behind these acts, and called for not participating in those protests, stressing their readiness to defend the regime.

For his part, the Friday preacher in Tehran, Ahmad Khatami, said that the regime is a red line, and added that no party targeting it will be tolerated, noting that those he described as enemies have been planning for some time to target Iran’s security and stability, he said.

It was the Islamic Council for Coordination of Development – charged with organizing official demonstrations in Iran – that called for demonstrations “in support of the veil”.

roar and enthusiasm

The Development Coordination Council described the protesters as “mercenaries who insulted the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet, burned mosques and the sacred flag of the Islamic Republic, desecrated women’s veils and public places and harmed public security,” according to what the official news agency reported.

Local media also described the pro-regime demonstrations – which took place today – as “the roar of the people’s enthusiasm against the rioters.”

The protests erupted last Friday after the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, from the Kurdistan region (northwest of the country), in a hospital in the capital, 3 days after her arrest by the so-called “Guidance Patrols” (the morality police) for allegedly wearing indecent clothing.

While activists said that the girl had received a fatal blow to the head during her detention, officials denied this and announced an investigation into the incident.

The protests, the largest since the 2019 protests, in which 1,500 people were killed, according to a Reuters tally, were concentrated in the northwestern regions that include the Kurdistan province, but also spread to Tehran, the cities of Mashhad, Qazvin, and about 50 other cities and towns across the country.

A military parade in Tehran on Thursday commemorating the war with Iraq (European)

Army warns

In a new warning by state agencies, the Iranian army said today that it will confront what it described as the enemies’ plots to ensure security and peace in the country, describing the protests as desperate acts, considering them as part of a “malicious strategy of the enemy aimed at weakening the Islamic regime.”

The Revolutionary Guards, in turn, described yesterday what is happening in the country as a conspiracy, and called on the judiciary to reveal those he called the promoters of rumors and lies and all those who endanger society.

The Ministry of Intelligence also issued a statement warning against participating in protests, which it described as illegal, and said that because of the exploitation of these protests by opponents of the revolution, those who participate in them will be subject to judicial follow-up.

In the same context, the head of the judiciary, Mohsen Ejie, called on prosecutors and judicial officials to deal strictly with those he called rioters in the protests taking place in the country, and to confront rumor mongers.

From New York, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi announced yesterday that the authorities would open an investigation into the death of the young woman, Amini, warning at the same time of “unacceptable chaos.”

Protestors Take To Streets Of Tehran After Death Of Woman In Police Custody
Protesters in Tehran denounce the authorities after the death of Mahsa Amini (Getty)

Protests continue

Meanwhile, last night, demonstrations took place in a number of Iranian cities in the context of protests condemning the death of the young woman, Amini.

The protesters chanted slogans against the regime, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the morality police, and a video clip showed demonstrators defacing or burning pictures of Khamenei, in actions described by the French Press Agency as rare in Iran.

Today, Iranian TV reported that the death toll from the protests had risen to 26, including members of the security forces. Yesterday, official sources reported that members of the Mobilization Forces (Basij) and the police were attacked with firearms and white weapons, and reports of burning police stations and vehicles.

Local media reported the arrest of about 300 people so far, and that the arrests included prominent activists, according to the French Press Agency.

For his part, the mayor of Tehran said that the protests caused the sabotage of a number of buses and fire engines.

The Internet and communications services have been almost completely cut off for two days, and the Fars News Agency attributed this measure to what it said were “actions carried out by the counter-revolutionaries against national security through social networks.”

In international situations, the United States and Germany announced their solidarity with the protesters in Iran.

Source: Aljazeera

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