Nothing announces Ear (stick) headphones at London Fashion Week

The young company Nothing, which recently surprised the market with a smartphone with a design key and features that until now were not present in any other product, has just announced that at the end of this year it will announce the Ear (stick). The brand has provided some initial data on how they will be: Light as a feather, and an ergonomic and comfortable design. Together with a charging case, inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes, and with a compact shape to fit in all pockets, it will provide specific technology to achieve a personalized sound experience.

This season of London Fashion Week, Chet Lo has collaborated with Nothing to show what both the designer and the brand share: innovation, passion and instinct. The idea is to break the traditions in their respective industries and create something new instead.

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“I was very excited to collaborate with Nothing, as their message of transparency is a very relevant topic in my work. It just fits so well,” said Chet Lo, designer and creative director.Chet’s collections push the boundaries of what has gone before and are the result of fusing a category of classic style with radical engineering. At Nothing we share similar beliefs. That’s why we thought that London Fashion Week was the perfect stage to show the Nothing Ear (stick) & rdquor ;, he said carl peiCEO and co-founder of Nothing.

Guests at designer Chet Lo’s show got their first look at the Nothing Ear (stick) design; At the same time as the Nothing Phone (1), introduced a few months ago, it was also one of the protagonists on the runway appearing inside limited edition bespoke bags that used transparent fabric, in which the back panel could be seen illuminated by the Glyph Interface.

Source: Elperiodico

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