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Russia bombed Ukraine with Iranian drones.. How did Kyiv respond?

Ukraine announced on Friday that it will “significantly reduce” Iran’s diplomatic presence in the country, and justified this step by developments on the ground confirming Tehran’s lack of neutrality in the Russian war on Ukraine.

Kyiv’s decision came after the port of Odessa was subjected to a Russian strike in which Iranian drones were used, which resulted in one person being killed.

And reports confirmed that Russia had obtained drones from Iran, and that it had started using them in its war in Ukraine.

“In response to such a hostile act, the Ukrainian side decided to deprive the Iranian ambassador in Ukraine of his credentials, and significantly reduce the number of diplomatic staff at the Iranian embassy in Kiev,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry considered that the use of Iranian weapons in the war on Ukraine contradicts the position of neutrality.

The Ukrainian military released a video that it said was of the downing of an Iranian drone. While the spokesman for the military administration in the south of the island announced the shooting down of another plane over the port of Odessa; As a result of which a civilian was killed, a gas station in Odessa was also hit.

The local authorities asked civilians to go to the shelters due to the presence of other rallies in the air.

A spokesman for the Military Regional Administration of the Ukrainian Army said that the Iranian “suicide” rallies were of the “Shahid-136” model.

Source: Aljazeera

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