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The Washington Post: The United States has repeatedly warned Russia against using a nuclear weapon in Ukraine via "private contacts"

newspaper said “Washington Post(Washington Post) The administration of President Joe Biden has repeatedly warned Russia, via “private communications”, of serious consequences if Moscow uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

The newspaper quoted US officials as saying that the US administration deliberately kept the warnings “vague”, so the Kremlin is concerned about the way Washington might respond.

According to the Washington Post, the US State Department participated in these “special contacts” with Russia, but the officials the newspaper spoke to did not say who sent those messages, nor did they reveal their details.

strategic ambiguity

She said that the White House’s attempt to establish what is known in the world of nuclear deterrence as “strategic ambiguity” comes from its desire to avoid any scenario in which Russian President Vladimir Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, a threat that he and Russian officials have been threatening since the start of the war.

The sources did not confirm whether the United States had sent “any recent private messages” to Russia after the developments in the Kharkiv region, the withdrawal of Russian forces from it following the strikes of the Western-backed Ukrainian army, and Moscow’s announcement of partial mobilization.

Vadim Skipetsky, deputy head of Ukrainian military intelligence, had recently warned in an interview with British television that Russia might use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to stop the successes of the Ukrainian army and destroy the country, highlighting that this – if it happened – is a real threat to other countries.

A few days ago, US President Joe Biden warned his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on the “60 Minutes” program against the use of nuclear weapons, and assured him that the face of the war would change in a way unparalleled since World War II.

For years, the Washington Post said, US nuclear experts have been concerned that Russia might use tactical nuclear weapons to end a conventional war on its own terms.

The newspaper stated that the Biden administration would face a crisis if a Russian nuclear attack occurred in Ukraine, as any military response would ignite a fierce war between the nuclear-armed superpowers, which the Biden administration is trying to avoid by all means.

Source: Aljazeera

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