Russian media hit out at ‘dumb’ generals for disastrous mobilization

Russian TV host Vladimir Soloviev has been a strong supporter of the “special military operation” in Ukraine since the start of President Putin’s invasion. In an unusual departure from his normal coverage, Solovyov criticized Russian military leaders for the poor organization of additional forces following the Kremlin’s decree for the partial mobilization of reserve troops. The state media commentator described the Kremlin leaders behind the operation as “idiots” as he detailed a series of mistakes in the mobilization effort. The news comes as frustrated civilians have launched a series of fierce anti-war protests in major cities across Russia following Vladimir Putin’s mobilization order.

Speaking on the state-controlled network Russia One, Solovyov said: “Before discussing our traditional topics, I would like to pay some attention to the partial mobilization that has been declared.

“There are panicked calls on my phone, on Margarita’s phone, which shows that a number of people involved have forgotten how to do their jobs.

“We have a million unemployed in Moscow. Why recruit people who have jobs, especially those who work for crucial companies?

“If there are 16 houses in the village and they receive 5 conscription notices, what is the point? Why? To make it an inhibited village?

Solovyov blamed the poor organization of the mobilization effort on “every idiot” in leadership positions regarding military logistics.

“Every idiot in these positions, who decided to call a musician, or a person who has a million diseases, or to approach a student despite the special decree explaining the exemptions.

“Such a person should not just be punished, he should be the first to be sent to the front.

“If anyone tries to discredit our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I would strongly advise them not to do so. The President, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, has articulated very clearly the criteria

“If it turns out that some people prefer not to notice, they must be punished in the most severe way. I’ll tell you very politely: don’t play with people. »

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The rant against Russian military leaders comes after reports surfaced of civilians with no previous service in the armed forces being conscripted on the front lines in Ukraine.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that the additional 300,000 troops ordered for mobilization by Vladimir Putin would be drawn from a group of reserve soldiers with previous military experience.

The BBC has reported incidents of civilians with no such experience being ordered to report for military service. Avoiding the draft is considered a criminal offense in Russia, with stiff penalties imposed on those who attempt to flee the call to service.

Following the mobilization order, President Putin signed a decree to double the prison term for desertion or refusal to fight to ten years instead of the previous five-year penalty.

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Source: Express

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