Maximum concern in Brazil due to Neymar’s injury

  • The player suffered a blow to the ankle during a jump, was substituted and retired to the bench crying

  • According to the first evaluations, he suffers a sprained ankle and doctors advise waiting 24 to 48 hours to know the impact of the damage.

neymar He has no luck with injuries. In Brazil’s first match against Serbia, the Brazilian player was injured which forced him to retire to the bench. He did it crying aware that these physical problems could end up costing him a match in the tournament, or perhaps the entire championship.

The doctor of the Brazilian team, Rodrigo Lesmar, confirmed that Neymar has a sprained right ankle and that it will be necessary to wait at least 24 hours to find out the extent of the injury.

“Neymar has a sprain. We treated him immediately on the bench and now he continues with the physio. We have to wait 24 to 48 hours to better understand the extent of the injury,” Lesmar said.

Tite, coach of the Brazilian team, added that Neymar was playing eleven minutes with ankle pain.

Neymar withdrew from Brazil-Serbia with a serious gesture after suffering a blow and was substituted ten minutes from the end, Face with few friends.

It could have been a precaution or not, but Tite, the Brazil coach, decided to remove the Paris Saint Germain player from the field and not take risks in a World Cup that aims long for the ‘Canarinha‘.

It all happened during the second part of the match against Serbia when in a jump sprained ankle. He continued playing but, minutes later, he fell to the ground to be substituted immediately.

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Now he is expected to do more medical tests to find out the real extent of the injury. Tite, however, wanted to take iron from him after the match. “You can be sure that Neymar is going to play in the Cup. I am absolutely certain of that. He is going to play,” said the coach at a press conference after his team match against Serbianwhich finished 2-0 for the ‘canarinha’ in his World Cup debut.

But the doctors are not so convinced and believe that it is convenient to wait for the next few hours before becoming alarmed or calming down. “We have started treatment with him and we must be calm and patient. It is too early to say right now that his World Cup is at risk, we must be calm to see how his evolution continues,” Rodrigo Lasmar commented.

Source: Elperiodico

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