Mel B cringes in embarrassment after going commando on live TV

Mel B filmed a jaw-dropping travel show this year with Ruby Wax and Emily Atack, and she nearly walked out of the trio’s TV interview after Ruby called her out for mistaking a train track for a stream. As Scary Spice turned her back on her co-star, she placed a hand on her butt and announced that she wasn’t wearing any pants.

Mel, 47, had been reliving her experiences filming the travelogue series Trailblazers with the other two when the embarrassing accident happened.

“I like [these two] to pieces but they’re mental and they don’t stop and I ended up being the normal!” Mel told Ronan Keating on Thursday’s episode of The One Show.

However, the Girls on Top Ruby actress wasn’t about to drop her comment, hitting back with her own experience hanging out with Mel in the US Rocky Mountains.

“I have pictures of her being normal! At midnight [she said] ‘Come on, let’s swim in the creek,'” she replied.

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“I said, ‘Mel, that’s not a creek, that’s a railroad.’ That’s how far she was gone!” Ruby added.

Mel then got up and pretended to storm out of the studio in anger.

Yet as she stood up and turned her back to Ruby, the actress jokingly stroked her buttocks, joking, “There’s no panties here!”

“I’m not wearing panties!” Mel shot back, before recoiling in embarrassment, as the other girls shouted, “She’s got no panties on!”

The eventful filming stint, which saw Mel adamantly she never wanted to ride a horse again, was themed around an 1874 travel book, A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains, by Isabella Bird.

The pioneer explorer traveled 800 miles through the Rockies, encountering bandits and grizzly bears, before later falling ill on a trip to Morocco, where she died.

Mel and the two other leading ladies had decided to follow in her early footsteps as explorers, although Ruby joked that her co-star “didn’t even read the book” before setting off on the trip.

Although the couple have stayed in luxury hotels, they have also gone back to basics and indulged in the simple life, with Emily proudly boasting that they even caught a fish.

The sometimes grueling lifestyle might not have been what the world would expect from a glamorous celebrity trio, but they showed they were willing to give it a try.

Emily wrote an Instagram caption just before the couple’s departure, announcing, “Next month, I’ll be hiking the Rockies with icons Mel B and Ruby Wax, retracing the footsteps of Isabella Bird, one of the world’s earliest explorers. world in the 19th century.

“Ruby thinks I’m gonna run away with a cowboy. Honestly the most mental caption I’ve ever written.”

While Mel drank wine and formed “bonds” with the other girls, she also experienced trauma after spending time in Wyoming.

One of his Instagram posts was captioned, “Noooo way!!!!! I won’t be riding that damn horse again!!! Count me in oouuutttt.” (sic)

Ruby told the world that Isabella was her “hero”, revealing to the Yorkshire Post“We were (on a trip) seeing what a woman could do over 100 years ago, wearing nothing, sleeping in the snow and being so brave.

Mel agreed she was a “forgotten hero” and demanded to know why Isabelle wasn’t in the history books.

“I’ve never heard of her…why aren’t all these women praised and celebrated?” she exclaimed.

The three-part series Trailblazers: A Rocky Mountain Road Trip airs its first episode at 9 p.m. on November 28 on BBC Two.

Source: Express

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