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Movie "Enchantress fairies" On the way to the Oscars

The movie “The Banshees of Inisherin” directed by Martin McDonagh was shown for the first time at the Venice Film Festival, and the hero Colin Farrell won the award for best actor, and McDonagh won the award for best screenplay, and it was his first performance in the Middle East and North Africa during the activities of the Cairo Festival International Film Festival in its 44th session.

The events of “The Fairies of Enchirin” take place on an isolated island in Ireland, and in an unknown ancient time that witnesses a war that in turn contributes to the imposition of isolation on space and people, and because time and space are of no importance in building the work because of its focus on the idea of ​​​​isolation and its impact on humans, the film portrayed the island as a prison A large society closed on itself, living in what looks like the tragedies of the ancient European heritage.

The word “Banshees” in the name of the movie – which can be translated into Arabic as “fairies” – its original meaning does not include all fairies, but rather means a specific type, which is “barking fairies”, which are the ones that scream in the wild with frightening and deadly prophecies, such as the prophecy of Macbeth’s fate, for example. .


Martin McDonagh wrote his film on the edge between comedy and tragedy, a film genre called “Black Tragicomedy”, and its events began with a comic tragedy.

A man decides – overnight – to sever his relationship with his best friend because he is going through an existential crisis, as he feels that he wasted his life in nonsense on this remote island, and he wants to leave a mark in history, so he cruelly leaves behind everything that wastes his time and devotes himself to his art, and the first thing that turned his back on him The film’s protagonist is Padrick (Colin Farrell), a naive rural youth who does not accept this abandonment.

Between Padrick’s attempt to regain his friend, and the latter’s violent rejection, the story weaves its chapters with its frightening escalation towards the catastrophic end, through a dialogue full of wit and intelligence, and the characters of each suffer their own crisis.

Far from the two friends, Sister Chopin (actress Kerry Condon) lives among the simple people of the island with her intelligence and culture, but she is trapped in a crisis for her young brother Dominic (actor Barry Keoghan), a victim of domestic violence who reveals the secret of his father’s assaults on him in a moment of anger, and his life gets worse.

Each character in the film carries its own tragedy and accepts it calmly, as in Shakespearean tragedies, a large proportion of which are drawn from the ancient European heritage. The film’s tragedy begins with the fairy-like old woman, who visits the family and sits like a crow. The hero returns home to tell his sister that his friend refuses to talk to him, and then the old woman appears at the end, clearly predicting that two of the islanders will die, leaving a tent of sadness and anticipation on the heads.

A study in the character of the lonely man

Director Martin McDonagh’s previous film, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, centered on the character of the bereaved mother, but in his new work he reverses the situation where the story is based on male characters, and their loneliness they cannot cope. with it in a positive way.

The isolation of the island is a metaphor for the psychological isolation of the male characters Padraic, Dominic and Colm (Brendan Gleeson). It all started with Colm, who dumped his friend, only to finally succumb to depression and loneliness.

The man searches for a project to immortalize him, because he sees nothing but death in front of him. His violent actions were nothing but cries for help from the weight of depression under his weight.

Padrick does not understand the meaning of loneliness, so he is tormented by a feeling that he does not know what it is, and when he loses all his other connections with the departure of his sister and the death of his little donkey, his negative feeling of loneliness turns into anger for the first time, a burning anger in an actual, not a figurative sense.

Dominique, a lonely teenager, suffers from the assaults of his father, the cruel policeman of the island, which makes the young man’s character strange in the eyes of the people of the island, and they reject him instead of helping him.

The film’s characters – who suffer from bitter loneliness and existential crises – look at life through two different points of view on life. The first sees in individual human existence nothing but an opportunity to leave a mark in human history, through outstanding contributions, which are those adopted by Colm, who feels that his life has passed. In vain, and no one will remember him after his death.

On the second side of the scale that Padric represents, you see that the most important impact that a person leaves behind is kindness and love, as he still remembers his late mother and father and will always remember them for their love and tenderness, and they live inside him and inside others, and he desires nothing but to become a beloved person And cute, so he is horrified by the loss of friendship.

The Enchanted Fairies is one of the most sensitive films in dealing with the loneliness of the man, whether contemporary or ancient, and many consider it the best work of director Martin McDonagh. It received a 98% rating on the “Rotten Tomatoes” website, with great praise for the performance of its expected heroes who will be nominated for the Oscars. This year.

Source: Aljazeera

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