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Minister of Solidarity: Egypt is making good steps towards empowering people with disabilities

Minister of Solidarity: Egypt is making good steps towards empowering people with disabilities

Minister of Social Solidarity, Nevin Al-Kabbaj, confirmed that Egypt is taking good steps towards the dream of empowering people with special needs, and providing them with a fair social protection umbrella that provides them with all aspects of care and pays great attention to their development and developing their capabilities, as the political leadership, under the wise leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, places the importance of protecting people’s rights. People with disabilities and the development of their advanced capabilities have become the top priority of the state.


This came during the Minister’s attendance at the Egyptian Autism Society’s celebration of World Autism Day, which was held at the Grand Egyptian Museum under the slogan " “We have no limits” This was in the presence of Engineer Nevin Othman, Secretary General of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, Dr. Dalia Soliman, President of the Egyptian Autism Society, and a number of public figures.


The Minister of Social Solidarity said that the human rights approach that Egypt has followed with people with disabilities has become clear since the issuance of the Egyptian Constitution in 2014, membership in parliamentary councils, and the issuance of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Law No. (10) of 2018 and its Executive Regulations issued No. (2733) of 2018; Believing in the right of all individuals to obtain their integrated rights without the slightest discrimination or marginalization, and emphasizing the principles of justice, fairness, and equal opportunities, and extending the bonds of partnership with many parties and entities that have the determination to create a "positive impact" In the lives of people with disabilities; The disability component has become integrated into all areas and programs of work of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.


She added that in 2007, the United Nations General Assembly approved April 2 as the World Day for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects the communication, behavior, and social interaction of individuals. The autism spectrum is one of the most difficult types of disability because it is not apparent, its discovery may be delayed, and it may appear. Autism is very diverse, as individuals with it can have exceptional skills in some areas such as mathematics or art, while they can have difficulties in social interaction or verbal communication.


She continued, “We are meeting today to celebrate people with autism, but their rights are guaranteed on all days of the year, and it is a message launched by all institutions working, interested, and defending the rights of people with autism towards the recognition of their integrated rights, including health, education, community integration, work, and all possible services from the entire world, and this is a reflection.” Of international interest in the commitment of all countries to the rights of persons with autism as stated in the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


She explained that the Ministry of Social Solidarity owns 805 rehabilitation bodies for people with disabilities, and the number of cards proving disability and integrated services that have been issued for autism spectrum disorder is 12,266, with the exception of people with autism from being detained by the Ministry of Health system to obtain cards proving disability and integrated services, and it is sufficient for them to submit a medical report. Certified, they are also sponsored through the Karama cash support program, which brings the total number of beneficiaries with disabilities to 1.2 million individuals at a total cost of 8 billion pounds. The Ministry also provides, through 31 social solidarity units within Egyptian public universities, monitoring students with disabilities and providing opportunities Social protection and economic empowerment, as is done through the “Shaghalni” electronic platforms. And "our opportunities" Providing decent job opportunities commensurate with the type of disability, and a “rehabilitation platform”, to support the economic empowerment of young people with disabilities and direct them towards job opportunities, or training opportunities to enhance work skills to improve their employment opportunities in the business sector, and direct them to benefit from small projects and productive family projects organized by Ministry of Social Solidarity.


It is noteworthy that the Center for the Care and Rehabilitation of Autism Spectrum Disorder cases at the Comprehensive Disability Services Complex in Ain Shams, which is affiliated with the National Foundation for Family and Community Development, is one of the Ministry’s entities, which serves 200 children, and is considered an edifice for the care of autistic children. It was established by the Ministry of Social Solidarity on an area of ​​1,000 square metres, at a total cost of approximately 7 million. And half a million pounds, and provides various therapeutic, training, and rehabilitation services for children with autism according to the severity of the child’s disorder and the level of intelligence, where therapeutic programs are developed, whether related to behavior modification, skill development, communication, sensory integration, occupational therapy, psychomotor education, and art therapy. It also includes educational classes for training. It rehabilitates children with autism on many skills at the processing levels, including programs for developing social skills, self-care skills, pre-academic rehabilitation, and academic and communication skills. The center also includes an inclusive nursery built on an area of ​​300 square meters, which is one of the educational institutions for children in the early childhood stage until they reach adulthood. School age and nursery aims to train the child to interact with others and develop his mental abilities.

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