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Palmashow, private life, origins, films… everything you need to know

Palmashow, private life, origins, films… everything you need to know

Happy birthday David Marsais! The actor of the Palmashow duo celebrates his 40th birthday on April 4, 2024. But what do you know about him, his origins, his love life, his career? Here are his secrets…

David Marsais celebrates his 40th birthday this April 4! But do you know the actor and great accomplice of Grégoire Ludig well with whom he forms the duo Palmashow?

Where does David Marsais come from?

David Marsais comes from Rambouillet, in Île-de-France. He studied at the Maurice-Ravel college in Montfort-l’Amaury, in Yvelines. After passing the certificate, he joined the Jean-Monnet high school in La Queue-les-Yvelines. BAC S in hand, the young teenager enrolled at the University of Paris Dauphine.

He quickly wanted to abandon his university studies to become an actor. In 2003, he joined Atelier Blanche Salant, a theater school in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. A passionate artist, David Marsais nevertheless obtained a master’s degree in political science in 2008.

Small jobs weren’t always a success for him! David Marsais only lasted 2 hours in a famous fast-food chain before being fired and he didn’t last very long either in a famous toy store. “I worked for three months at Toys’R’Us, right next door. I got fired, but I won’t tell you why,” he confides to Parisian.

It was at college that David Marsais met Grégoire Ludig. In high school, both decided to form the Palmashow in 2002, then wrote their first sketches for Fun Radio in 2003. From 2006, the two childhood friends produced film parodies and sketches which met with real success on the Internet.

The Palmashow was then spotted by the Direct 8 channel. The two comedians then created shows like The Crazy History of the Palmashow and the Very Bad Jokes. Later, they launched into sketches on TF1 and parodies of music videos which created a buzz on YouTube.

What are David Marsais’ other projects?

With his lifelong sidekick, David Marsais also ventures into cinema: we find them in the film The Crazy Story of Max and Léon And The stars, in which they are also screenwriters. They also play small roles in The Francis, Les Gazelles, 9 Months Firm as well as in Baby sitting. In 2020, the duo also stars in the hit film Mandibles alongside Adèle Exarchopoulos and Belgian rapper Roméo Elvis. They will play in several films by Albert Dupontel and Quentin Dupieux.

Davis Marsais also goes solo in films Paris-Manhattan with Patrick Bruel and Alice Taglioni, Marry me my friend by Philippe Lacheau, or even That’s life with Josiane Balasko. In 2023, he is starring in the film Second Round by Albert Dupontel and the humorous series Pamela Rose on Canal +.

He also did dubbing, notably for the hit film Despicable Me 3.

What do we know about the private life of David Marsais?

The comedian is no longer a heart to be taken. David Marsais is in a relationship with Marguerite de Belloy, a woman who works in upholstery. Very discreet, she nevertheless appeared in several sketches of the Palmashow in the 2010s, notably When you visit the hospital, During lunch with his in-laws or After the first kiss. Together, they have a little Joséphine, born in 2014.

As for his friend Grégoire Ludig, he is in a relationship with Marie Portolanofamous sports journalist whom he married in 2019.

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