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urgent.. "Qena and Luxor: Its symbols honor the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Al-Abnoudi, Fahmy Omar and Ahmed Badir

urgent.. "Qena and Luxor: Its symbols honor the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Al-Abnoudi, Fahmy Omar and Ahmed Badir

The Association of the Sons of Qena and Luxor honored a number of its sons and historical symbols, during its annual iftar ceremony yesterday, among the figures whose names were engraved in the records of history, and who had clear fingerprints, led by His Excellency the Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, whose name is Sheikh Abdul Basset Abdel Samad, the great poet Abdel Rahman El Abnoudi, the great radio personality and veteran politician Fahmy Omar, Diaa Rashwan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Dialogue, Chairman of the General Information Service, and the great artist Ahmed Badir at the celebration held at the Air Defense House in Nasr City.

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Major General Tariq Raslan, member of the Senate and Secretary-General of the Qena Sons Association, added that Qena and Luxor are full of many symbols who had an influence. They made significant contributions in modern Egyptian history, and they made contributions in all fields, and they were ambassadors for their country, and they prayed and toured in all fields in religion, politics, science, enlightenment, art, and creativity, and they had a great influence.


He stressed. Raslan said that honoring the symbols of Qena and Luxor is a tribute and loyalty to great historical values, and a great motivation and motivation for all the people of the two governorates and for the people of Egypt in general, with the necessity of working, striving and diligently, for the sake of the nation’s elevation, and that we are in this stage and this climate that President Sisi established to support innovators and leaders. It is a good opportunity for everyone to raise Egypt’s name high in all forums, in a way that achieves our hopes and ambitions in the new republic.



Raslan continued that we meet every year. In Ramadan, for love, to increase the bonds of bonding and compassion between the people of Qena and Luxor, during the holy month, and that our social role will continue to be passed on to future generations.


The iftar ceremony was attended by a group of members of both councils. Representatives and sheikhs, Mr. Sharif, head of the Noble Gentlemen’s Syndicate, Sheikh Ali Freij, head of the Arab Tribal Senate, Dr. Sayed Khalifa, head of the Agricultural Syndicate, MP Hamada Al-Ammari, Alaa Quraitem, Muhammad Ezzat Al-Qadi, MP Sahar Sidqi, Rihab Al-Ghoul, Hanan Abdel Moneim Awad, and Sanaa Al-Hassani, members of the House of Representatives,   Counselor Radwa Al-Darbi, leader of the Mostaqbal Watan Party, Abdel Razek Tawfiq, editor-in-chief of Al-Gomhouria newspaper, Osama Sharshar, editor-in-chief of Al-Nahar newspaper, Issam Al-Badawi, head of the Sugar and Integrated Industries Company, Dr. Fathi Amer, head of the founding committee of the Arab tribes, Counselor Abdullah Ahmed Ali, Counselor Medhat Nour El-Din, and Counselor Mahmoud. Abdel Hakam, and a large number of judges, advisors, policemen, the media and the press.

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