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Caitlin Clark Roasts Michael Che For His Sexist ‘SNL’ Jokes

Caitlin Clark Roasts Michael Che For His Sexist ‘SNL’ Jokes

After making a joke about Iowa Hawkeyes player Caitlin Clark retiring her jersey for an apron, Michael Che was roasted on the “Weekend Update” segment of “SNL” this week by none other than Clark.

Che opened the bit by saying, “University of Iowa announced that Caitlin Clark will have her jersey retired.” With a smirk and a laugh, he added, “And replace with an apron.” The crowd didn’t love the joke, and Che playfully said, “Whoa! Well, the WNBA draft is this Monday, and Iowa star Caitlin Clark is expected to be the number one pick. Here to comment is Caitlin Clark.”

To thunderous applause and cheers, Clark appeared at the Weekend Update desk smiling. She and Che sat waiting for the wild clapping to die down before she began roasting Che for his joke about her. “I am a fan, Caitlin, by the way,” Che said.

Questioning his fanship, Clark replied, “Really, Michael? Because I heard that little apron joke you did.”

Clark, batting back, said, “You make a lot of jokes about women’s sports, don’t you, Michael?” Che responded that he wouldn’t classify them as “a lot” but that they’re not “irregular.” A bit of intel that co-host Colin Jost jumps on playing a supercut of various “Weekend Update” clips in which Che knocks women’s sports, joking in one segment about bars showing women’s sports, saying they’re “known collectively as the empty ones.” In another, he jokes that the WNBA is a made-up, AI-generated malfunction.  

Clark, who is considered one of the greatest collegiate players of all time, thanked Colin. “Wow, Colin with the receipts. Thanks, man.” Jost added, “Unlike Che, I support women.”

In response to the many jabs Che has thrown at women’s basketball, Clark showed up with a collection of jokes, all her own, that Che would then read.

Che, with a smirk and hesitation, delivered, with Clark smiling nearby, “The Indiana Fever have the first pick in this Monday’s draft. A reminder that the Indiana Fever is a WNBA team, and not what Michael Che gave to dozens of women at Purdue University.”

Continuing to read the jokes, Che says, “Netflix’s top new show is ‘Ripley,’ featuring an eerie, unsettling performance by Andrew Scott. Critics say it’s’ the hardest thing to watch on Netflix since Michael Che’s special ‘Shameless,’” Che delivers the line, erupting into laughter. “How bout that one?” said Clark with a satisfied smile.

After everything was said and done, Clark had one last callback souvenir she brought for Che, “Since you’re such a big fan…it’s an apron signed by me.”

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