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Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with local authorities, confirms its readiness to deal with the weather situation

Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with local authorities, confirms its readiness to deal with the weather situation

ABU DHABI, 15 APRIL / WAM / The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police confirmed its readiness to deal with the fluctuations in the weather condition that Abu Dhabi is witnessing until the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, 17 April, in cooperation with all concerned authorities in the emirate, which includes the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, and the Al Ain Municipality. Al Dhafra Municipality, and the Department of Energy, to maintain the safety of society and protect lives and property.

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command explained that it had activated its emergency plans, deployed its support patrols, and taken many preventive measures, including strengthening human resources in the operating rooms.

The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority called on the public to take all precautionary measures and follow the bulletins of the National Center of Meteorology and official sources.

The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority also stressed to the public the need to adhere to safe driving and safety measures, not to be distracted by anything other than the road, to adhere to the specified speeds while activating the system to reduce speeds on the roads, to leave a sufficient safety distance between vehicles, not to press the brakes suddenly, and to slow down when turning. To prevent the car from sliding.

She called for caution against fluctuations in rainy weather conditions, stressing the necessity of taking caution during rainfall, staying away from places where valleys flow and water accumulates, and ensuring that windows and objects that are likely to fly are fixed, while providing first aid equipment and backup lighting.

The Department of Energy and energy sector companies, represented by distribution, transmission and control companies, have increased the readiness of emergency and urgent maintenance teams and rapid response to all reports related to power outages resulting from fluctuations in weather conditions.

The department allocated all the necessary resources for rapid response, and placed all capabilities, including backup generators and water tanks, on standby to provide support and support the efforts of local authorities.

The department and energy sector companies broadcast awareness messages to the public about how to deal with these conditions to maintain the safety of electricity installations in homes and facilities.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport – Abu Dhabi confirmed its readiness and its affiliated entities to deal with the weather situation through proactive measures in all regions of the emirate, to ensure a rapid response to confront the emerging challenges in various regions in the emirate.

The department’s measures included raising the readiness of municipal services, road and transportation services, increasing maintenance teams and resources for roads, infrastructure and parks and distributing them according to regions.

The department worked to coordinate with all strategic partners to raise the efficiency of the response, activate the system of electronic information signs to raise public awareness, and form emergency teams according to specialization to clean the streets, prepare rainwater drainage networks, and trim trees, in addition to preparing all the necessary resources, including equipment, devices, pumps, water tanks, and vehicles, to ensure Its readiness and readiness to face these weather conditions to achieve community stability.

The technical departments of Al Ain City Municipality have begun implementing proactive measures in preparation for the expected weather conditions, such as opening rainwater drains on urban roads and residential areas, inventorying resources from tanks, water pumps and heavy equipment, and preparing distribution schedules for the city, which serves the effective response in all sectors of the City Municipality. Eye.

Preparations also included cleaning the paths of dams, valleys and lakes to ensure rainwater flows in their designated courses.

The senior management of the Al Ain Municipality held a number of meetings at the municipal level to emphasize preparation and readiness measures and effective coordination between the municipality and the strategic partners in the city, to maintain the appearance of the city and the continuity of services.

Al Ain Municipality directed building and construction companies to stop all work on sites, secure cranes and scaffolds, stop lifting operations, install barriers, temporary fences and signs at construction sites, and remove potentially volatile materials from heights and open places. It called on building and housing owners to place barriers in the event of rain to prevent water from entering the ground floors.

The preparations of the Al Dhafra Region Municipality included raising the state of readiness, activating the operations room and the Al Dhafra leadership team in the field to determine the situation and follow up on the event, ensuring the readiness and activation of resources and capabilities, activating the emergency call center to receive reports, and ensuring the readiness of the technical and field emergency teams to follow up and deal with emergency cases. And follow up on the condition of rainwater drainage networks.

In emergency situations, members of the public can call one of the following numbers: Abu Dhabi Police 999, Electricity Emergency 991, Water Emergency 992, Department of Municipalities and Transport to report rain accumulations 993.

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