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Stephen Colbert Hosting ‘The Late Show In Chicago’ During DNC 2024

Stephen Colbert Hosting ‘The Late Show In Chicago’ During DNC 2024

Stephen Colbert will travel to Chicago this summer and host The Late Show from the Windy City during the week of the DNC (Democratic National Convention).

The CBS late-night talk show host announced he was hosting a full week of episodes from the Auditorium Theatre from August 19 through August 22.

“The Late Show is doing shows from Chicago for the entire Democratic Convention for one week,” Colbert said before joking about the theatre’s name saying, “The Late Show will be broadcasting from the 130-year-old Auditorium Theater. It is absolutely gorgeous and so creatively named. The Auditorium Theater is right next to the cafeteria restaurant, and of course, the historic Rooms Hotel.”

Colbert said he lived in Chicago for 11 years “and it holds a special place in my heart,” noting it wasn’t “just because of all the Polish sausage that’s still lodged in my aorta.”

“Chicago is where I cut my comedy teeth performing at the Second City. That’s also where this South Carolina boy got an education in winter,” he said. “Did you know that tears can freeze? I didn’t know that before I lived there. You gotta keep blinking.”

The 2024 Democratic National Convention is where the delegates of the United States Democratic Party will select the party’s nominees for president and vice president for this year’s presidential election. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the presumptive nominees and will take the stage at the United Center in Chicago during the week of August 19.

Watch Colbert’s announcement in the video below.

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