"Abu Dhabi Islamic" Empowering and developing local competencies is a strategic priority

Abu Dhabi, May 16 / WAM / Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank affirmed its support for all efforts to empower and develop local competencies as a strategic priority.

Bushra Al Shehhi, Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, said, “Empowering local talent and competencies and developing their capabilities is one of the bank’s strategic priorities, as we work with all our partners to provide specialized job training programs and leadership preparation programs to build the next generation of leaders in the banking sector.”

In a press statement, commenting on the victory of three national cadres from “Abu Dhabi Islamic” with distinguished awards during the activities of the second session of the “NAFES” Awards on May 14th, she noted that honoring “NAFES” will contribute to encouraging more to highlight their specialized and qualitative contributions.

Abdullah Nasser Al Nuaimi from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, who won first place in the category of specialized jobs within the private sector, said: “We feel proud after receiving this honor, and we are indebted to our wise leadership, which provides all means to develop national competencies, enhance their contribution to development, and increase the state’s gains, in particular Its keenness to motivate citizens to work in the private and banking sectors.”

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