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Silvio Soldini Sets ‘The Tastemakers,’ About Hitler’s Food Tasters

Silvio Soldini Sets ‘The Tastemakers,’ About Hitler’s Food Tasters

German actors Elisa Schlott (“Das Boot” TV series), Max Riemelt (“Sleeping Dog”) and Alma Hasun (“Corsage”) are set to star in Italian director Silvio Soldini‘s drama “The Tasters,” which reconstructs the untold true story of the women conscripted to be Adolf Hitler’s food tasters.

Shooting is set to start on Friday in Italy’s northern Alto Adige region on the Nazi-era drama, which is being pre-sold at the Cannes Marché du Film by Rome-based Vision Distribution, headed by sales agent Catia Rossi.

Soldini is known for sophisticated comedy “Bread and Tulips,” which launched from Cannes, and relationship dramas “Days and Clouds” and “Come Undone.”

“The Tasters,” which will mark Soldini’s first foray into German-language cinema, is based on the bestselling book “At the Wolf’s Table” by Italian author Rosella Postorino. The story follows a group of women who were recruited by the SS in 1943 to make sure that the food being served to Hitler was not poisoned. Forced to eat what might kill them, the tasters start to split into two factions: those loyal to Hitler and those who insist they aren’t Nazis, even as they risk their lives everyday for the Führer.  “At the Wolf’s Table” has been translated in 46 countries.

In autumn 1943, young Rosa, fleeing from bombed-out Berlin, reaches a small isolated town near the eastern border to take refuge while awaiting the end of the war. Rosa will soon discover that the seemingly quiet village hides a secret: within the bordering forest Hitler has his headquarters, the Wolf’s Den. The Führer sees enemies everywhere and being poisoned is his obsession. 

One morning at dawn, Rosa is taken, along with other young women from the village, to taste the food prepared for the Führer. Torn between the fear of dying and the hunger that devours them, the tasters “form alliances, friendships and secret pacts with each other,” says the provided synopsis. Then, an incident occurs that will make Rosa feel like a traitor. The arrival of an SS officer who, against all rationality and in spite of herself, rekindles in her the spark of love. Or maybe it’s just “the simple need to feel alive, despite everything,” the synopsis continues.

“The Tasters” is being produced by Milan-based Lionello Cerri’s Lumière & Co. in co-production with Belgium’s Tarantula and Switzerland’s Tellfilm.

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