Jamie Bacon & Pradeep Khadka Starring In Himalayas-Set Sci-Fi ‘Eklo’ From British-Nepalese Filmmaker Pradeep Shahi

EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Bacon (White Lines, Brighton) and Pradeep Khadka (Prom Geet 3, Prakash) will star in sci-fi flick Echo from British-Nepalese director Pradeep Shahi.

The filmmakers say Echo will be the first science fiction flick to come out of Nepal. Shahi is currently in Cannes with his latest film, The Last Ritualwhich has Scatena and Rosner Films attached.

Echo takes place in a futuristic version of Earth in which a deadly viral epidemic forced humanity to flee the planet in 2030. Sixty years later, British space agency astronaut Zach (Bacon) is on a reconnaissance missions and crash-lands in the Himalayan region of Nepal with his partner. They explore their surroundings and uncover a hidden city of caves nestled among the mountains, where they encounter a mysterious figure (Khadka), who is the mythical guardian of the Himalayan region.

Bacon is also signed on as a producer, as he and Shahi look to build connections between the Nepalese and British film industries and hope to sell Nepal as a strong shooting location option in Asia.

He is known for his role in Netflix series White Lines and a supporting role in Steven cookson feature film Brighton. He has also appeared in The Hoarder and BBC drama Father Brownand will appear in the network’s show Mr Lovermanwhich debuts at Tribeca next month. He has also wrapped filming on Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor’s debut feature Dreamerswhich is being made with BBC Films.

Khadka broke out a decade ago in his role in Prem Geet. He has since become one of Nepali film’s most bankable stars and in 2022 led Prem Geet 3which became the first Nepalese film to secure a country-wide release in India and was distributed worldwide. The film Kabaddi 4: The Final Match to become Nepali cinema’s highest-grossing films worldwide at the time.

Bacon is represented by United Agents.

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