‘Voidance’: British Sci-Fi Thriller Starring James Cosmo Wraps Production – First Look

EXCLUSIVE: British filmmaker Marianna Dean has wrapped production on her latest pic Voidance starring James Cosmo (Highlander, Troy, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan), which we can share a first look from above.

The pic is currently in post-production and marks Dean’s second feature. Starring alongside Cosmo are Zoe Cunningham (Breaking Infinity), Neil Bishop (Beautiful Disaster, Beautiful Wedding), Mim Shaikh (Queenie, What’s Love Got To Do With It), Billy Price (Hollyoaks) and Chris Charles (Hollyoaks).

Dean serves as producer on the project with Cunningham and Tom Taplin. The film is written by Simon X. Frederick (The Informer) and is produced by Mind Engagement Productions and Unfolding Entertainment.

The pic was shot in London. The synopsis reads: Voidance begins with Alana Toro (Cunningham) in her final exam to join the ATIC Guard. She is set a challenge: work out how she would prevent a historical terrorist attack that threatened the popularity of a newly elected ATIC-supported politician. Attempting over and over to solve the scenario, Alana gradually discovers that book learning only gets you so far and finds to her dismay that ATIC isn’t universally regarded as the Savior that she has always believed. Digging into the motivations of the terrorists and of “innocent” bystanders, she gradually finds sympathy for her traditional enemy. But Alana is accountable to ATIC, and ATIC’s view of who is loyal is not so nuanced. Even once Alana finds the solution, will she be prepared to enact it?

“As a director, I always like to push myself, so I was thrilled to get to work on such an ambitious, fast-paced, and intriguing project,” Dean said. “I loved the script from the moment I read it, whilst it’s set in a sci-fi world each character is realistically human.”

Cosmo added: “I rather like off-world, science fiction stuff so it’s been good fun to play this character.”

Check out more images from the film below.

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