" Arab Development and Development" Triggers a cycle "En pacif"

Dubai, May 23 / WAM / The Arab Union for Development and Development, affiliated with the Economic Unity Council of the League of Arab States, announced today in Dubai; About the launch of the business cycle of “On Pacific”, the company specializing in the field of technology and artificial intelligence, as a representative office of the Union for the year 2024/2025, where it will be assigned many tasks such as developing and developing trade exchange between Arab countries, strengthening trade exchange links between Arab countries, and contributing to the development of economic policies. Arabic to achieve economic integration.

The representative office in the Emirates works within the framework of the Council of Arab Economic Unity of the League of Arab States, headed by His Excellency Ambassador Muhammadi Ahmed Al-Nani, Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity. The Arab Union for Development and Development is also headed by Dr. Khaled Abed, who stressed the importance of this strategic partnership, which reflects positively on everyone, especially Arab emerging and medium companies.

In turn, Engineer Mohamed Kamal, CEO of On Pacific, pointed out the importance of representative cooperation with the Arab Union for Development and Development through advanced technologies and products in the field of automation and digital transformation and the importance of digital and marketing growth in conjunction with economic growth for Arab economies to adopt these technologies to enhance their economies and national output. While Dr. Suzan Al-Qalini, academic and media advisor to On Pacific and CEO of Omedia, stressed the importance of the representative partnership with the Union to promote promising Arab economies, create partnerships in all fields, and enhance inter-Arab cooperation.

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