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Head of the Bar Association: We will not set impossible conditions for joining the law firm… and controls to protect the profession

Abdul Halim Allam, head of the Bar Syndicate, confirmed that setting controls for registration in the Bar aims to preserve the profession, its ethics and traditions, noting that the recent period witnessed a number of non-lawyers infiltrating registration in the Bar by forging certificates and documents, so he stipulated that the lawyer be present in person. To submit his registration file and his signature on every document he submits.

The head of the Bar Association denied during his speech while chairing the oath-taking session for new graduates of the River Lawyers Club what was circulated on social media sites regarding the new registration controls and the requirement of a diploma obtained by a lawyer for registration in the Bar. He said that the recent law on the legal profession required a lawyer to obtain the academy for two years, and the text was disabled out of concern for the interests of lawyers, pointing out that the Syndicate will not set impossible conditions for joining the legal profession, because the Syndicate believes that thought is more important than financial ability.


Allam pointed out that the number of lawyers in Egypt is 500 thousand lawyers, which is close to the number of lawyers in the rest of the Arab world, adding that during the election month alone, approximately 9 thousand applied for registration in the union. A lawyer, while the General Association of Kuwaiti Lawyers is only 3,000 lawyers.”

The captain pointed out that the Code of Professional Conduct is one of the best texts in the legal profession, which must be activated because it is safe to punish those who have misbehaved, and it should not be An institution of the same magnitude and value as the Bar Association does not punish its members, pointing out that ill-mannered behavior and insults are not a result of pride, but preserving the value, principle and constants is the pinnacle of sophistication and pride.

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