Unemployment insurance reform: Gabriel Attal confirms a tightening of the rules "to move towards full employment"

Unemployment insurance compensation rules will be tightened from December 1, confirmed Gabriel Attal in an interview published in La Tribune Sunday, Sunday May 26. The objective, according to the Prime Minister: “move towards full employment” And “value work even more”.

Thus, the duration of compensation will be reduced to 15 months “under current conditions”, that is to say if the unemployment rate remains below 9%, for unemployed people under 57 years old. And you will have to have worked 8 months over the last 20 months to be compensated, compared to 6 months over the last 24 months currently, specified the head of government. These elements confirm the ideas given this week to the social partners by the Minister of Labor, Catherine Vautrin.

Gabriel Attal specified that the government was going to issue a decree on July 1 so that the reform “may come into force on December 1”. Changing the compensation rules requires updating the information systems of France Travail (formerly Pôle Emploi) which cannot be done overnight.

The Prime Minister also confirmed the creation of a “senior job bonus”. Thanks to this measure, “an unemployed senior who returns to a job that is less well paid than their previous job will be able to combine their new salary with their unemployment benefit” and “will thus regain their initial salary for one year”, explained the tenant of Matignon. The unions had reported that salaries would thus be compensated up to 3,000 euros. He also wanted to create a “senior indexes” and study the creation of a “senior permanent contract”.

The bonus malus system on short contracts, criticized by employers and today limited to seven sectors of activity, will be the subject of an examination on “the opportunity to extend it depending on the evaluation to be carried out”. “I am instructing Catherine Vautrin to lead a consultation to identify the sectors which will be intended to enter this system and at what pace”, detailed the head of government. Received by the Minister of Labor this week, the president of Medef Patrick Martin displayed his “support for reform” while saying he is opposed “to a generalization or even a simple extension of the bonus malus”.

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