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Carlton coach Michael Voss says the Blues did not have a chance to train projected changes to the holding-the-ball rule this week because of their five-day turnaround ahead of Thursday night’s match against Port Adelaide.

After weeks of backlash from coaches and fans, the league’s hierarchy has directed umpires to shorten the “reasonable time” component of the rule this weekend.

Lloyd Meek of the Hawks tries to shake off Dante Visentini and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher of the Power.Credit: Getty Images

“We haven’t really had a chance to train it because we’ve only had a five-day break, but Port Adelaide are in the exact same boat,” Voss told Fox Footy ahead of their clash at Adelaide Oval.

“So, we’ll use the vision as reinforcement, but there’s no excuses for us as well.

“We want to be able to apply pressure on the opposition and if that means we get a few extra opportunities to be able to get some free kicks, then we’ll get after it pretty hard.”

Hawthorn coach Sam Mitchell expects there to be teething issues with the AFL’s change to the contentious holding-the-ball rule, but has lauded the move as a positive for the competition.

“We’ve shown the players the vision that the AFL has sent and I think everyone will watch the games,” Mitchell said on Thursday.

“There’s going to be a teething [process], whether that’s players, umpires or coaches working out what it’s going to look like over the next week or so.

“We all accept that it’s a positive change that needs to be made and we’ll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks.“

Essendon coach Brad Scott, who served as the AFL’s general manager of football before joining the Bombers, likes the “proactive nature” of the league’s response to backlash around the holding-the-ball rule.

“Fans, the coaches, the players always seek clarity and when the AFL can provide clarity, that really helps,” Scott said.

Essendon had two AFL umpires at Thursday’s training session to help with clarification around the rule tweak.

“My personal opinion is that more communication is better when it comes to these things,” Scott said. “I don’t think it’s a rule change – I’m sure it’s not – but it’s a tightening up of the interpretation of the current rule.”


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