Everton fans insist they have ‘dodged a bullet’ after 777 Partners takeover collapsed… as they urge the club to ‘find the right owners to take us forward’

Everton fans have responded with relief at the news that 777 Partners’ proposed takeover of the club has fallen through. 

In a statement issued to the club’s website, Everton announced that their sale purchase agreement with the US investment firm had expired on Friday, May 31. 

The Miami-based investment firm had been in talks to buy Farhad Moshiri’s majority stake at the club since September, but there had been growing doubts over their ability to purchase the club and provide long-term funding.

Moshiri had provided a two-week extension to their sale purchase agreement in May, and their latest statement comes after the Everton owner held extensive face-to-face talks with representatives of the investment group in London.

In reaction to the news, Everton fans have insisted that they have ‘dodged a bullet’ but called on the club to find the right new ownership to help the club move forward in the coming years.  

Everton announced that 777 Partners’ proposed takeover of the club had fallen through

Everton fans say that they have 'dodged a bullet' with the takeover failing to go through

Everton fans say that they have ‘dodged a bullet’ with the takeover failing to go through

Fans though are keen to see Everton get new ownership soon to help push them up the table

Fans though are keen to see Everton get new ownership soon to help push them up the table 

 One fan commented: ‘Thank goodness. Absolutely scandalous that Moshiri ever agreed to sell to these people, it would have spelt the death of the club.

‘We’re still far from out of the woods but this was a huge bullet dodged. Never want to hear about them ever again.’

Another fan echoed the comments saying: ‘Finally all over. Great relief. Massive bullet dodged. Now find the right owners to take us forward.’ 

A third fan commented: ‘Good decision but about 7/8 months too late tbh,’ while a fourth wrote: ‘Let’s hope the ownership issue is now resolved sooner rather than later.’

While a fifth Everton fan said: ‘Thank god it’s not 777, but come on, someone buy us and make us ace again… pleaseeeeee.’

777 Partners had provided the club with several unsecured loans, worth around £200million, to help the Toffees manage their operating costs. 

Mail Sport understands that 777 had given Everton, who are in the process of building a new stadium on the banks of the River Mersey, an extra injection of £8million at the beginning of May.

Moshiri, who holds a 94.1 per cent stake in the club, had appeared to be close to cutting ties with the company after the investment firm had been hit by a string of negative headlines that posed questions over firm’s operations.

One Everton fan said they are 'not out of the woods yet' despite the failed takeover

One Everton fan said they are ‘not out of the woods yet’ despite the failed takeover

In May, the company was accused of fraud in a New York lawsuit – the 17th in which the firm has been named in. In that case, Pasko and Wander were accused of ‘operating a giant shell game at best, and an outright Ponzi scheme at worst’.

Meanwhile, 777’s budget Australian airline, Bonza, went into administration, leaving passengers stranded around Austrlia. 

The investment firm also had their assets frozen in Belgium after they were alleged to have defaulted on payments relating to top-flight side Standard Liege. The club had also been 

Supporters had become angry at the operation of the club, with fans pointing the blame at 777. The club were forced to postpone their game against Westerlo at the beginning of May after fans had protested Standard’s ownership in anger at the operation of the club. 

‘The agreement between 777 Partners and Blue Heaven Holdings Limited for the sale and purchase of the majority shareholding in the Club expired today,’ the Toffees wrote on Saturday. 

‘The Club’s Board of Directors recognises the considerable level of financial support 777 Partners has provided the Club over recent months and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for this.

‘The Club will continue to operate as usual, while it works with Blue Heaven Holdings to assess all options for the Club’s future ownership.’

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