REPORTING. "Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed" : the turn of Midas which opens its very first maintenance center dedicated solely to electricity

It is the first of its kind in France. The car maintenance brand Midas is opening a center in the heart of Paris entirely dedicated to electricity for cars of course, but also for scooters and bicycles. For the brand, it is a question of establishing a sort of life-size laboratory, which could foreshadow the transformation in the years to come of around a hundred other centers located in the main cities.

It is a completely renovated premises of 100 m2 on the banks of the Seine, the new Midas City – which succeeds a classic center – has the ambition to serve as an experiment for the entire network of the brand in a slightly different way to do auto maintenance.

The battery is in fact the essential part and the first element that Nathan, the specialist technician, will check. “As in your smartphone, you will look in the settings at the state of health of your battery. We, systematically, when the car comes to the workshop, we will look at this state of health to inform the customer”he elaborates.

Working on an electric car requires special practice and safety instructions, hence the lack of enthusiasm so far from garages and large maintenance networks. What Clément Molizon, the general delegate of Avere, an association for electric mobility, regrets: around a quarter of the French automobile fleet should be made up of electric or hybrid models within ten years, according to projections.

The specificity of Midas City is that it also has a space dedicated to electric bikes and scooters. This part is managed by Jean-Michel, who even offers to mount a battery on a classic bike, with the promise of a saving of around 30% on the purchase of a new model. “We’re used to our bike and we say to ourselves, ‘Hey, I’m seeing some little weaknesses, keeping up with my friends… I’m going to put together an electrification kit’. It takes two or three hours.”he explains.

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