Palestinian human rights organizations call on the International Criminal Court to open an immediate investigation into the conditions of Gaza detainees

Prisoner care and human rights institutions in Palestine called on the International Criminal Court to open a serious and immediate investigation into the conditions of Gaza detainees in Israeli occupation prisons and camps, including the “Sadi Teman” camp. The location is south of the occupied territories. 


An official at the Addameer Prisoner Care and Human Rights Foundation in Palestine said during a press conference today, Sunday, from Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the city of Deir Al-Balah, located in the central Gaza Strip. – “The occupation forces are committing grave violations against detainees and prisoners from the Gaza Strip.”


He added – according to the Cairo News Channel – that these violations include depriving them of sleep for hours For a long time, they sat on the dirt in Israeli army camps, including the “Sadi Teman” camp. South of the occupied territories. 


He explained that the occupation forces practiced the worst types of torture by preventing detainees from washing and taking care of hygiene and not providing them with sufficient food and water, which led to a decrease in their weight. Noticeably, in addition to releasing police dogs to maul their bodies and depriving them of treatment and health care.


He confirmed that the occupation forces continued to insult and slander women and men extensively, in addition to expanding the use and arrest of Detainees under the Unlawful Combatant Law, who are detained for long periods without bringing any charges or being brought to trial or complying with the judiciary and unable to have the right to defend themselves. 


He stressed However, Al-Dameer Foundation for Human Rights confirms that lawyers, international human rights bodies, and human rights institutions from within the occupied territories, including the International Committee of the Red Cross, are unable to visit the detainees. To review their conditions.


He pointed out that Addameer Foundation will continue its efforts to build legal files to prosecute the occupation before the International Criminal Court, noting that the Foundation calls on the International Committee of the Red Cross to work in accordance with its responsibilities to follow up The conditions of the detainees, revealing their fate and visits, and exposing the practices and violations they are subjected to by the occupation forces.


He pointed out that the institution also calls on the International Criminal Court to open an immediate and serious investigation into the conditions of the detainees. Detainees and prisoners in occupation prisons, considering that what the occupation authorities are doing constitutes war crimes that amount to crimes against humanity.


On the other hand, the Palestinian ambassador to Vienna and its representative before international organizations, Salah Abd, said: Al-Shafi: “Israel has not adhered to all international resolutions, and it has become an outcast after it was included on the blacklist in the United Nations.”


Abdul-Shafi added – during a statement to (Cairo) channel. Al-Akhbariya on Sunday – “The genocidal war in Gaza continues for the eighth month in a row,” calling on Western countries to intervene to stop this tragedy in the Gaza Strip, as well as the West Bank. Due to the increasing settler violence against the Palestinians.


He pointed to the increase in the number of countries that recognize the Palestinian state, saying: "We will continue diplomatic efforts in order to obtain more recognition of the State of Palestine" , expressing his hope that the State of Palestine will become a full member of the United Nations; Which will increase Israel’s isolation and provide legal tools for Palestine to use in its battle to get rid of the occupation.

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