4 new commodities were introduced on the Egyptian Commodity Exchange during the current year

The head of the Egyptian Commodity Exchange, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ashmawy, confirmed that 4 new commodities will be offered on the stock exchange platform during the current year, led by petrochemical products.

He added – in a statement on the sidelines of his inspection of one of the commercial centers – The gold commodity will be offered on the stock exchange, after ensuring the governance process, as well as obtaining the approval of the censor, represented by the Stamps and Weights Department, pointing out that the gold and silver that was offered was through the auction system.

And about the incentives presented by the stock exchange. Egypt’s goods to attract the private sector to trade in them. Ashmawy said that registration and membership fees have been exempted, in addition to providing tax benefits and incentives and helping companies that are being coded quickly enter their goods from customs ports, and the stock exchange also receives a small percentage of trading fees so as not to… The seller and buyer bear any additional burdens.

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