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New fires in Egypt a week after the Imbaba church disaster and criticism for not complying with safety requirements

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Several separate fires broke out in Egypt in recent days, according to what the authorities announced, about a week after a massive fire killed 41 people in the Martyr Abi Sefein Church in Imbaba, west of Cairo. And criticism has increased in the country for several places, including churches and shopping malls, failing to comply with safety requirements and sometimes not at all.

after a week A fire broke out in the church of the martyr Abi Sefein And in Imbaba, west of Cairo, 41 people were killed, the Egyptian authorities announced the outbreak of fires in several public places in recent days.

Fires caused by an “electrical failure” are not rare in Egypt, which has a population of 103 million, where infrastructure is dilapidated in most public buildings. But since the disaster at the Church of the Martyr Abu Sefein, the authorities are making efforts to give instructions on ways to fight the fires.

After the church fire, accusations were launched on social media platforms of the rescue services of their delay in responding to distress calls, and some also denounced the failure to adhere to safety conditions and sometimes their absence at all.

While holding festive masses for the Virgin’s birthday, a fire broke out in the Monastery of the Virgin in Jabal Drunka, affiliated to the Assiut Center, according to what the governorate authorities announced in a statement, on Sunday. The statement included that a “limited fire” broke out with “paper waste” and was brought under control. She pointed out that the fire “did not affect” the conduct of the religious celebration, in which thousands participated.

And Saturday, plumes of smoke rose from one of the largest commercial centers in Alexandria, the largest city on the North Coast, which raised an atmosphere of tension until the fire was brought under control, which did not result in any injuries, according to the police. Sources.

The sources indicated that this fire was caused by an electrical failure in the restaurants inside the mall.

The past week witnessed the outbreak of several fires, as a fire broke out on Monday in a Cairo church, according to the Ministry of Interior. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health announced that a fire broke out in a church in Minya Governorate. These two fires did not result in any injuries.

A fire that broke out in a Cairo hospital, on Wednesday, caused eight minor injuries, which were limited to “minor suffocation and superficial burns,” according to the Ministry of Health.




Source: France 24

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