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See- "hit him"This is how the Mallorca coach incited his players against Vinicius, Real Madrid’s top scorer

Vinicius Junior played a good match and a distinguished performance against Real Mallorca in the Spanish League last Sunday, and it ended with a big victory for the “Royal” 4-1.

The Brazil international has always been in the spotlight, receiving tricky tackles, but he also dribbled, passed, scored and clashed with Mallorca’s players both on the pitch and on the bench. As well as an argument with Mexican Javier Aguirre, Mallorca coach.

And the cameras captured the words Aguirre said, in which he angered Vinicius and pushed him to approach the Mexican coach and engage in an argument with him.

After the incident, Brazilian striker Nacho Fernandez admitted what he had heard, as Aguirre told his players to “hit him”.

After the match ended, Aguirre gave his view on the Vinicius incident during the post-match press conference. “On the field, you should speak, not here,” he said.

He continued, “What happens on the field remains there, I am not one to complain. Congratulations to Real Madrid for winning 4-1.”

The cameras also captured another phrase made by the Brazilian striker during the match.

Vinicius complained: “They did not allow me to play, because of the many mistakes.”

Vinicius also argued with Mallorca left-back Jaume Costa, who explained why his teammates were trying to stop him from interfering.

Vinicius scored a goal for his team to make the score 2-1, and celebrated his goal with a small dance, something that the Mallorca players did not like.

Source: Aljazeera

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