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Dubbed the harbinger of nuclear war.. a plane "Doomsday" American landing at a European airport

Media reports quoted the “Flight Radar” website, which tracks aircraft movement, as saying that the US “Doomsday” plane, dubbed the harbinger of nuclear war, landed at the Spanish Rota Air Base on Saturday morning.

According to Flightradar, the Boeing E-6 Mercury Doomsday landed in Spain on Saturday morning.

And media sources said that the plane arrived in Spain last summer.

The name of the “Doomsday” plane is given to a flying strategic command center dedicated to commanding military units and formations in the event of nuclear wars and high levels of destruction and radiation, which causes the main operating rooms and airports to stop.

This type of aircraft can stay in the air for two weeks with aircraft to refuel, and its fuselage can protect passengers and withstand electromagnetic waves.

The first prototype of this aircraft made its first flight in 1973, and since then the aircraft has been constantly modernized and equipped with modern equipment.

Source: Aljazeera



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