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"The training ground is better than the Stade de France".. The world champions praise the stadiums of Qatar and a Portuguese coach who did not believe himself

Qatar designed the World Cup stadiums according to the highest international standards, and it is normal for everyone to praise them, but it is not normal for the grass to be admired on the training grounds as well, whether from world champions or former stars.

The most prominent of what Al-Jazeera Net obtained about the World Cup stadiums was what Khaled Al-Ghandour, the star of the Egyptian national team and the former Zamalek club, who has been following the tournament from the stadiums since the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, said, expressing his fascination with the stadiums even before he saw them.

Al-Ghandour says that this happened when he heard the French national team players expressing their admiration for the grass of the training ground to French media, stressing that it is no less than its counterpart in the Stade de France (Stade de France) in Paris, but some even said that it is better than it, he said.

France, the 2018 World Cup holders in Russia, is training at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium (Al-Sadd Club) in Doha.

Al-Ghandour told Al-Jazeera Net that he was amazed at the words of the French players until he saw the stadiums himself and was impressed by the natural grass as well, to the point that he wished to play on them.

Al-Ghandour agrees with Hamada Sidqi, the star and former coach of the Egyptian national team, who confirmed to Al-Jazeera Net that everyone he met, through screens or in the stadiums, expressed their fascination with the World Cup stadiums, whether in terms of the distinctive design or the wonderful looking grass.

Dembele (left) with Mbappe next to him during France’s training at the Qatari Al-Sadd club stadium (Getty Images)

There is also a story circulating in Al-Gharafa Club about the new coach of the Portuguese team, Pedro Martinez, who took over the job only last week and who did not hide his fascination with the club’s stadium.

Martinez was impressed with the stadium when he saw it for the first time during his team’s friendly match with the US national team, which he is training on during the World Cup, and the Portugal coach could not believe that Qatar has such wonderful ground even in its non-main stadiums.

USA Training Session - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
The American national team trains at Al-Gharafa Club stadium (Getty Images)

Secrets of Qatar grass

To find out the secrets of the Qatar stadiums, which everyone praises, Al Jazeera Net went to one of the stadiums experts – who refused to be named – who explained that the grass for the new floors of the World Cup stadiums in Qatar, whether it is match stadiums or even training, is a hybrid grass that withstands high temperatures and is prepared in “nurseries”. Al-Sulateen” in Qatar, according to the latest European technology.

He said that the quality of the grass in the Qatar stadiums is completely different from its counterpart in the regular stadiums, which are dark green and grow vertically, while the grass of all World Cup stadiums, whether for training or official matches, grows in a vertical interlocking manner, and is characterized by a bright green color.

He adds that the grass used in Qatar is intertwined from the bottom like a thick carpet to comfort the feet and legs of the players while running. It also distinguishes the floor with cohesion, endurance and flexibility, so it is safe in the event that any player falls on it so that he does not suffer any significant scratches because it is soft and not rough like other stadiums.

And the stadium expert continues that this type of grass gives more comfort to the soil because it contains special minerals that treat the soil, but it needs constant care as it must be mowed daily, so as not to burden the players and be irrigated permanently so that it remains fresh and maintains its bright green color that is comfortable for the eye.

Source: Aljazeera

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