Jay-Z meets Bills star Josh Allen after the game after watching them team up with Robert Kraft to beat Patriots

Jay-Z meets with Buffalo Bills star Josh Allen post-game after watching Super Bowl contenders team up with Robert Kraft to defeat New England Patriots amid $7 billion Washington property links

Jay-Z met with Bills quarterback Josh Allen Thursday night following Buffalo’s 24-10 victory over the Patriots, with the rap mogul taking on New England owner Robert Kraft earlier in the night.

While Jay-Z’s words to the young quarterback can’t be gleaned from a video of the brief encounter, Allen can be heard saying “appreciate it, thanks” before the pair go their separate ways.

And it wasn’t the only time during the night that the Roc Nation founder ran into an NFL figure.

Robert Kraft (left) and Jay-Z were spotted in the owner’s box at Gillette Stadium on Thursday

Josh Allen and Jay-Z met Thursday night shortly after the Bills' 24-10 victory over the Patriots

Josh Allen and Jay-Z met Thursday night shortly after the Bills’ 24-10 victory over the Patriots

Jay-Z was spotted in Kraft’s suite during the match, and the meeting comes after previous reports of the rapper’s interest in buying the Commanders with Jeff Bezos.

Bezos and the musician were spotted eating dinner together in November after TMZ reported that a joint offer between Shawn Carter, 52, and the 58-year-old Amazon founder was on the table.

While no sale has yet taken place, reports suggest that contentious owner Daniel Snyder is willing to sell the team (for around $7 billion), which would of course open the door for the celebrity couple.

Snyder took ownership of the team in 1999 and has overseen a slew of issues within the franchise, including allegations of a toxic workplace and sexual harassment.

Snyder also resisted calls for years to change the team’s name, as they were previously known as the Redskins, which is considered offensive to Native Americans.

A federal investigation into allegations of financial malpractice involving the commanders is currently underway. Earlier, attorneys generals in Virginia and Washington DC announced similar investigations into allegations that Snyder withheld refundable deposits from cardholders and hid NFL team earnings.

Forbes reported last month that the 57-year-old Snyder already has four interested potential buyers, as the team announced it had brought in Bank of America to sell the Commanders.

And while it’s unclear what’s (or hasn’t been discussed) between Jay-Z and Kraft on Thursday, the Patriots’ owner is a powerful voice in the league, and his endorsement would certainly increase the rapper’s chances of acquiring the franchise .

Bezos and Carter both have some experience in the sports world.

The former has already impressed the NFL, with his company buying exclusive streaming rights to Thursday Night Football for $1 billion per season.

And Jay-Z formerly owned a minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets, then founded the sports agency Roc Nation Sports, which now has clients like LaMelo Ball, Kevin De Bruyne and Saquon Barkley.


Source: Dailymail

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