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After being confiscated by America for months… An oil tanker bearing the Iranian flag delivers an oil shipment to the Syrian port of Baniyas

Reuters reported that a group concerned with collecting satellite tracking data showed that a tanker flying the Iranian flag delivered to Syria on Friday an oil shipment estimated at about 700,000 barrels in the Syrian port of Banias.

The agency stated that the delivery of the shipment ends a state of uncertainty that lasted for months about the fate of the shipment, which was seized by the United States near Greece earlier.

She pointed out that the confiscation of the cargo from this tanker, called “Lana” and formerly known as “Pegas”, prompted Iranian forces to confiscate two Greek tankers in the Gulf waters before releasing them on November 16.

Claire Jangman, an official with the US lobby group United Against Nuclear Iran, which tracks the movement of Iranian tankers through shipping and satellite data, said that satellite monitoring data showed that the Lana offloaded about 700,000 barrels of cargo at the Syrian port of Baniyas. .

Jungman emphasized that Iran’s shipments to Damascus “are a means of strengthening its regional standing, and a major part of the regime’s survival strategy.”

According to Econ ship-tracking data, the last known location of the tanker, the “Lana,” was that it was anchored off the Syrian coast.

Syria is subject to strict rationing of fuel consumption as a result of its shortage, which has led to outages in the electricity and communications sectors.

Syria’s imports from Iran vary from month to month, and according to the analysis of the “United Against Nuclear Iran” group, Syria received shipments of 1.39 million barrels from Tehran last November, down from 3.5 million barrels in the previous October and 3.7 million. barrels last September.

The United States chartered a tanker last April to confiscate the “Lana” load of oil while anchored off Greece, and part of the oil was transferred to the “Ice Energy” tanker chartered by Washington, and it was expected to head to the United States before the Greek Supreme Court ordered the return of Shipment to Iran.

The tanker “Lana” was confiscated for more than two months off the Greek island of Evia.

Source: Aljazeera

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