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Days after Trump hosted a character in disguise "The Holocaust".. Biden calls for public denunciation of anti-Semitism and considers silence complicity

Yesterday, Friday, US President Joe Biden called on political officials to publicly denounce anti-Semitism, days after his former counterpart Donald Trump met at his residence in Florida, media personality Nick Fuentes, who is known for denying what is known as the Holocaust or the “Holocaust”, and rapper Kanye West, who praised Adolf Hitler. .

Biden’s remarks come as concern mounts in the United States about the spread of anti-Semitism rhetoric that is increasingly being adopted by a segment of white supremacist extremists, and has gained strength under Trump.

“I’d like to make a few things clear: The Holocaust really happened. Hitler was evil,” Biden wrote in a tweet. “Instead of giving anti-Semitism a platform, our politicians should publicly denounce it wherever it exists,” he added. “Silence is complicity,” he added.

The US president’s comments came a day after Twitter suspended the account of West, who has now changed his name to Ye, after he posted a picture of a swastika entwined with the Star of David.

It also followed a provocative interview with Fuentes, political commentator and far-right broadcaster Alex Jones, in which the singer West reiterated his love for the Nazis and said, “I love Hitler.”

White House spokesman Andrew Bates denounced Trump for receiving West and Fuentes at his residence, saying in a statement to the American news network (CNN), “There is no place for intolerance, hatred and anti-Semitism in America, including Mar-a-Lago (a residence of “Trump.) Holocaust denial is abhorrent and dangerous and should be strongly condemned.”

According to Trump, West brought with him some of his uninvited friends, including Fuentes, who is known for his racist and anti-Jewish views.

The former music and fashion star is not the only person to have sparked controversy over anti-Semitic remarks. NBA star Kyrie Irving was suspended after he posted on social media a link to a movie deemed anti-Semitic, before he later apologized.

Concerns about the spread of anti-Semitic rhetoric have increased, after Elon Musk’s decision to limit interference in Twitter content management since he bought this platform last month.

And data published by the Anti-Defamation League on Friday indicated that there may be a basis for these concerns, as anti-Semitic tweets referring to Jews and Judaism increased by more than 60% in the two weeks following Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, in parallel with the increase in hate speech in general.

Critics of the former president, including Republican Liz Cheney, have accused the party during the Trump era of allowing white supremacy and anti-Semitism to thrive.

Source: Aljazeera

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