Mandić: I hope that the time for dialogue and understanding will come in Montenegro

One of the leaders of the DF and the president of the New Serbian Democracy, Andrija Mandić, said today that he hopes that the time for dialogue and understanding will come in Montenegro, pointing out that the Serbian people respect the rights of other peoples to think and express themselves as they wish, but to seek that the right of Serbs to inherit the traditional Serbian identity and to be Serbs is respected.

Mandić said this at the International Scientific Conference entitled “Great National Assembly – Podgorica Assembly of Unification in 1918” which is being held in the Serbian House in Podgorica. He stated that it was important to free the people in Montenegro and that it succeeded in 2020 year, RTCG reported.

Mandić pointed out that as a Serbian politician in Montenegro, he has a positive attitude towards the Podgorica Assembly and its heritage, and pointed out that in 1918 in Montenegro, everyone declared themselves as Serbs, and that today, of course, is not the case and that Serbs respect the rights of others to declare as they wish.

He emphasized that unification in 1918 was the desire of the entire nation. Mandić reminded that Montenegro and Serbia separated in 2006, but that even today consensus cannot be found on key issues.

“It was important for us to free the people in Montenegro, and we managed to do that in 2020. But the real representatives of the Serbian people, due to the will of the international factor, are not allowed to enter the government, which is a unique example in the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia. And all this is happening, even though the Serbian people are dominantly responsible for the democratic changes in Montenegro,” said Mandić.

According to him, at the session of the Montenegrin Parliament on December 12, it will be seen whether judges of the Constitutional Court can be elected, which is an important condition for conducting fair and free elections.

Source: euronews

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