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Serves hot drinks and sweets to the fans… An initiative in Qatar that shows hospitality to the World Cup fans

During the Arab World Cup last year, Qatari Nabil Abdullah Al-Shibh noticed that the fans, after the matches that took place in Al-Thumama stadium near his home, went out with a state of fatigue and exhaustion as a result of cheering throughout the match, but the time at that time did not allow him to provide his services to these fans.

But with the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022, he agreed with his family members to work to relieve the fatigue and exhaustion that appears on the fans on their way to their home after the end of the World Cup matches, so he thought of offering drinks and some Qatari sweets to the fans.

And from the first match hosted by Al-Thumama Stadium, Al-Shaybah came out with his family members, carrying bottles of water, sweets and some snacks in their hands, in order to present them to the fans, who were surprised by this matter, especially since most of them are foreigners who are not used to such actions in their countries.

With the passage of time, Nabil Al-Shaybah’s council has become a center for all the youth of Al-Fareej, the “neighborhood”, who wish to serve the fans of the World Cup. With Al-Thumama stadium hosting any match, the youth of the neighborhood begin to gather near his council and bring what they present to the fans in a banner that reflects the hospitality of Qatar, the Gulf and Arab countries in general.

big success

The owner of the initiative, Nabil Abdullah Al-Shibh, believes, in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net, that he intended to make this initiative before the start of the World Cup in order to relieve the masses, indicating that the initiative met with great success during the recent period and prompted many to join us in a painting that reflects the hospitality of the country. Diameter.

Al-Shaybah expressed his happiness with the great success of the initiative and the look of admiration he sees in the eyes of foreign fans who are not used to this atmosphere, stressing that these small actions have an echo. When this fan returns to his country, he will be an ambassador for us and our morals in his country, and he will tell his friends and relatives how he was treated in the region. The Middle East.

He adds that he and his sisters and sons decided to develop these services after the great turnout from all nationalities, and their house became a stopping point, so a traditional Arab session was held in which the audience rested and enjoyed what was available and available of cold and hot drinks and light food in addition to fruits, dates and Qatari coffee, where we found a great demand from the public on Dates and coffee, a symbol of our hospitality.

And about the funniest situations that they face during the turnout from the audience for their spontaneous welcome and hospitality, Al-Shiba says that some fans ask us about the prices, and when they know that everything is free, they appear surprised.

He added that the goal was to show the world that Qatar welcomes all Arabs and non-Arabs, Muslims and non-Muslims. The State of Qatar receives nationalities from all over the world at the World Cup, pointing out that the view of visitors to Qatar and the guests of the World Cup has changed completely, as everyone enjoys the atmosphere of the tournament and feels comfortable, even from His residency period has expired, he hopes to continue residing in Qatar until the end of the tournament as a result of the welcome he found.

Source: Aljazeera

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