A bomb was thrown into the yard of the prison chief’s house in Spuz: “The minister said he would protect me, this is how he protected me”

An explosive device was thrown to Predrag Spasojević, the head of the Investigation Prison, in the yard of his house, but this time it did not explode.

According to “Vijesti” information, the arrival of the counter-sabotage team of the Police Administration is expected, which will remove the non-activated explosive device. On Thursday, December 1, around 8:20 p.m., a hand grenade was detonated near the fence of Spasojević’s house.

The Administration for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions accused organized criminal groups of trying to prevent them from restoring order in the prison, telling them that they would not succeed.

Spasojević told Portal RTCG that he was extremely dissatisfied with the reaction of the institutions of the system to the attacks on his property, and accused them of being either incompetent or corrupt.

“I am absolutely dissatisfied with the response of the institutions to this situation. Obviously the institutions are either incompetent or corrupt. No one can convince me that they cannot solve this, this is a very simple matter. They had suspicious people, they had an organized group that could do it to do, they had the place, the time, the method of execution and they didn’t react. It’s either incompetence or corruption. It can’t be anything else,” Spasojević said.

Spasojević announced that this case would be solved by the “militia”, and thanked the police officers from Danilovgrad. However, as he says, “authorities from the UP, from the Prosecutor’s Office, authorities who should stand up for this, did not stand up”.

“I received a lot of support, the minister said he would protect me and here’s how he protected me. Support is one thing and work on the ground is another,” Spasojević said.

He added that he was worried about the safety of his family.

Source: euronews

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