Cho Gue-Sung, the sex symbol of the World Cup

An exam to your count of instagrampresumed thermometer of current success, certifies the transition from trivial soccer player to global icon. It had 20,000 followers before the start of the Qatar World Cup. After his first game against Uruguay, 17 minutes without consignable interventions after coming off the bench, he already exceeded 300,000. Finished the second, two pyrrhic headed goals in lto defeat against Ghana, It had exceeded a million and a half. And hours after the victory against Portugal, with the media scuffle with Cristiano Ronaldo, reached two and a half million. You can’t get more with less: six stories on his account and only one about the World Cup.

Cho Gue-sung, 24, is the new south korean planetary star. The 9th of the selection does not sing or dance like the youngsters of the kpop but shares her snowy smile and girlish beauty. Nor are there any shortages of his sporting merits because he does not attend South Korea to the World Cups, except the quarterfinals, and his two goals in one match staple Cho to homeland sports history. But it’s hard for him to distinguish his fame from, for example, those abdominal muscles that rival Cristiano’s. That episode with the Portuguese, seen with perspective, did not deserve such an epic. The Korean urged him to leave the field with more panache when he was substituted and Cristiano responded with insults. For a country with few soccer laurels, however, that uncomplicated reaction to a god broke the stereotypes of disciplined asian.

Mobile disconnected

Cho deals with his sudden fame however he can. The South Korean press assures that he had to disconnect his cell phone because messages from their fans disturbed his concentration on football. Several rumors have emerged about hypothetical couples, from models to singers, and their account is piling up marriage proposals of all the world.

Cho was, as he confessed, an “insignificant & rdquor; before Qatar. His short stature and weak composition had already penalized him in his early days. He frequented the bench and told his mother that he would study the official opposition if his luck didn’t change in a few months. A couple of facts kept him away from the books. A clairvoyant coach sensed that this mediocre defender was hiding a shiny striker and military service gave him his current musculature.

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after a brief stint in the second division He rose to the national championship, signed by Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, with which he became the top scorer and won the Korean Cup. He started the World Cup on the bench and has finished it on the agenda of several teams such as Turkish Fenerbahcethe German Borussia Dortmund or the Scottish Glasgow Celtic.

Cho does not walk an unknown path. During the 2002 World Cup, another South Korean, Kim Nam-il, He has already become a sex symbol, collecting marriage offers and other less formal ones. Advertising campaigns await him but Cho is only aiming for soccer. “Now that I have played against the South American and European stars I am even more motivated to continue growing and have more opportunities to measure myself against them & rdquor ;, he has affirmed after the elimination of his country against Brazil.

Source: Elperiodico

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