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The Atlas Lions, Onahi, and the march of the roosters.. Here are the most searched questions about the Morocco-France match

The Moroccan national team match against the French national team in the semi-finals of the World Cup Qatar 2022 – which will be held this evening, Wednesday – has captured the attention of Internet pioneers during the past days, as many have been interested in searching for the two teams, and knowing the details of the match.

In a special statement to the Sanad News Verification Agency on Al Jazeera Network, Google provided detailed information about the nature of the questions that the platform pioneers wanted to know about the match.

At the forefront of users’ concerns: knowing the basic formation with which the French national team will enter the match, which greatly occupied Moroccan platforms.

The Moroccan player Ezzedine Onahi also topped the searches in Morocco and France, where many searched for the phrase “the number 8 player in the Moroccan national team”, after his distinguished performance since the start of the tournament, which drew attention.

France faces Morocco in the semi-finals (French)

Many also wondered about player No. 21, Walid Chedira, who was sent off in the Portugal match despite being substituted during the second half.

Some observers in Morocco were also interested in knowing the march of the French national team in the tournament, as it came among the list of leading questions: questions about the teams that France faced since the start of the tournament, as well as the usual team plan.

Injuries in the Moroccan team preoccupied many in Morocco, and the search for the injured topped the famous search engine, after more than one injured player left; Headed by team captain Roman Sayes.

Moroccan player Azzedine Onahi leads searches in Morocco and France (French)

Also, many questions arose among users in France about the Moroccan national team, and the player Ashraf Hakimi topped the concerns, and some of the audience asked about his life and his proficiency in French.

Others also asked about the marketing value of the Moroccan national team, as the distinguished team’s performance raised questions about the value of the players and their clubs.

The distinguished performance of the Moroccan national team also prompted the search in France for the team’s coach, Walid Rekragui, whose coaching career was concentrated in Morocco, and he was not widely known in France despite his birth there.

He also attended – through the list of the most popular questions in recent days – a question about why the Moroccan national team was called the Atlas Lions, which is the famous title by which the team is known.

The two teams will meet at ten in the evening today – local time – in a decisive confrontation, where the winner will meet the Argentine national team in the final, while the loser will face the Croatian national team in the match for determining the two places: third and fourth.

Source: Aljazeera

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