A major attack on Neslihan Atagul and her husband, after discovering that they stole the story of their quarrel

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

Although they attract attention with their romantic relationship, which appears clearly in many situations, it seems that the Turkish star Neslihan Atagul and her husband, the Turkish actor Kadir Doglu, sometimes do not tell the truth, and may fabricate some stories in order to promote that they live in a wonderful marital relationship.

During the duo’s participation in the New Year’s Eve episode of the “Voice of Turkey” program, Kadir was asked if they had ever had a strong quarrel, to answer that it did, and he began to tell the scenes of that quarrel.

Qadir said: “Once we quarreled so much that I left the house after that and knocked on the door behind me, going to solve some business, and when I returned in the evening, Neslihan was sleeping on the couch, and because he was angry, he did not carry her to her room as usual, because when he finds her sleeping like this, he does not He leaves her without taking her to her bed, indicating that he entered the room, closed the door and fell asleep.”

The next morning, she came to him and asked him if they wanted to give space to their relationship, so he answered with approval, but before he left the room, she planted a kiss on his neck, which made him tell her that he was angry with her, and she confirmed in return that she was angry too.

And the Turkish star continued by saying: “She asked me to sit down and talk, and while we were talking she told me that she had noticed my return in the evening and that she was waiting for me to take her from the sofa and therefore she got angry, and I told her at the time and I was waiting for you to come and ask me if I was hungry.”

While telling this story, the two members of the jury were showing signs of admiration, in addition to the audience, who seemed to be affected by Kadir’s words.

However, it turned out that this romantic story that enveloped the quarrel between the spouses was stolen from “Thread” by Turkish writer and family counselor Adam Güneş on Twitter. He had shared it on December 7, 2022 under the name “Notes from Marriage”, that is, about two weeks before the marriage. Filming the “Voice of Turkey” episode.

Immediately after a comparison was circulated between Kader’s words and the story written on “Twitter”, the audience attacked the duo, ridiculing that they had made up a story in order to show their love, and that they lived an ideal romantic life, especially since they had conducted an interview with the “Hurriyet” journalist broadcast on the first day of this year. In it, people think that they are making love by talking a lot about each other, except that the press only asks them, and they only answer.

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