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Is ‘Wednesday’ Leaving Netflix For Season Two?

It’s an understatement to say that Wednesday is a major hit for Netflix. The show also impeccably timed itself to avoid the October rush of spooky content while aiming for the binge-friendly Thanksgiving weekend, and after three weeks, the show reached the one-billion streaming-hours mark. Still, Netflix seems to be sitting in an odd spot lately, kind of a holding pattern, before they rapidly greenlight followup seasons. We’re still waiting to hear about Season 6 for crowd favorite series Cobra Kai, and The Sandman fans endured a nightmarish wait for Season 2 news, given that the show’s quite expensive, according to Neil Gaiman.

Where does that put Wednesday, though? The notoriously poker-faced Jenna Ortega gave the world an updated title character (following her The Addams Family predecessors) that’s keeping viewers invested, but there’s been no official update as of yet from Netflix. On a speculative note, however, a recent Deadline article (on Amazon closing its deal to acquire MGM) has prompted NME to read between the lines while reflecting on Netflix’s silence:

This, teamed with the recent purchase of the show’s studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) to Amazon, hint that Netflix may lose the rights to the show for any potential second season.

However, Deadline report that Amazon’s MGM deal doesn’t automatically ensure that all content from the producer becomes exclusive to Amazon Prime Video, so Netflix may yet retain the rights for Wednesday season two.

Granted, this could all simply be about Netflix waiting to see how their new year shapes up before making any major Wednesday calls, but the merger aspect is something to consider. Whatever the case, it would be a strange development if we didn’t hear something soonish about Season 2, so that Ortega can get ready to not blink during another dance scene because (let’s get real) there’s gotta be one.


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