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I shed 8st – here’s the 7 simple hacks that really worked for me and the food that supercharged my weight loss

A BEAUTICIAN who managed to shed eight stone in just 18 months has shared her life-changing tips for losing weight – and fast.

Sinead McCarthy, 31, tipped the scales at 20st at her heaviest but slimmed down to 12st after committing to her own diet plan.


Sinead tipped the scales at 20st at her heaviest[/caption]


She was desperate to make a change[/caption]


She slimmed down to 12st after committing to her own diet plan.[/caption]

The self-employed mum-of-one incorporated a host of weight-loss hacks alongside her diet plan which involved eating 1,700 calories a day and doing 10,000 steps.

She said losing weight is all about a lifestyle change and that “quick fixes and crazy diets” don’t work.

“Getting started after Christmas can be hard but I say just take one day at a time.

“If you look too far ahead you can start to feel like you will never be able to stick to the changes, but just tick one day off and then try to do the next one,” the mum from East Renfrewshire, Scotland suggested.

She urged people to stick to her checklist of weight-loss tips which include  steps, calories and weight-based training.

“At home, get rid of anything that may temp you,” she said, “make sure all the chocolate you have lying around after Christmas is gone.”

One of Sinead’s main hacks is to take pictures of yourself in your underwear.

She said: “It can be really hard at the time but you will be thankful for it in the long run.

“When you feel like you are not losing anything you can look back at the pictures and see how far you have come.”

Sinead's 7 weight loss hacks and special weight-loss food

The self-employed mum-of-one has shared her weight-loss hacks which led to her losing 8st in juts 18 months

  1. Walk 10,000 steps each day
  2. Eat 1,700 calories per day
  3. Involve weight based training into your routine
  4. Get rid of anything at home that may tempt you (eg. chocolate)
  5. Take photos in your underwear
  6. Hang up some item of clothing you want to fit into as inspiration
  7.  Eat protein with every meal
  8. Bulk every meal out with spinach

She added: “Hang up some item of clothing you want to fit into as inspiration.”

Sinead said bulking out every meal with spinach helped supercharge her weight loss.

She would put spinach in smoothies, spag bol, and scrambled eggs.

“It wilts down so much when you cook it you can have loads,” she explained.

The now-weight loss expert also suggested choosing protein as a base for every meal and snack.

“I would snack on tins of tuna or eggs because that fills you up more than having a biscuit,” she said.

Sinead said doing steps in front of the television to get in 10,000 a day will help keep the pounds off when struggling to get motivated to go out in the cold.

“Go outside, we don’t need a gym to get the steps in, nature and outside is the most underused therapy for everyone.

“Or watching TV just march on the stop,” she added.

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