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New £400 headband works out what sounds make sleepers drowsy and how they react to them

A wearable headband claims to help users go to sleep 56 per cent quicker by monitoring their brain activity in bed.

The £405 Frenz Brainband – invented by a former Oxford professor – is able to work out what sounds make wearer’s drowsy.

Sensors within the device track the user’s brain signals, eye motion, and facial movements to work out how they react to certain sounds.

The headband has a vast library of content clinically proven to help people fall asleep, such as cognitive behavioral therapies and soothing noises.

Whichever the user responds to best to are then played through bone-induction speakers just behind the ear, meaning it is still possible to wear earplugs.

Research by the firm on over ten thousand hours of users’ sleep found the device helped them doze off on average 56 per cent faster.

The headband, which is worn throughout the night, also wakes the user up at the optimal time of their lightest sleep cycle within a selected time frame.

The device – available now for pre-order ready to ship this Spring – won a prestigious innovation award at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Source” Content adapted from dailymail

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