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Macron’s sanity questioned due to the supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine

The network questioned the sanity of Macron due to the supply of AMX-10RC armored vehicles to Ukraine

Readers of the French newspaper Le Point appreciated the decision of President Emmanuel Macron to send AMX-10RC heavy armored vehicles to Ukraine. Their opinion they You said under the publication of the publication on Twitter.

@Erreur_0x0001 explainedthat we are actually talking about 40-year-old light wheeled tanks. @nico_118 added that the AMX-10RC uses non-standard ammunition, and sending this equipment to Ukraine removes questions about its disposal. @jbdecassis predicted that reconnaissance armored vehicles would be virtually useless against modern tanks.

@ClementBrbns noticed that Macron is talking about peace in Ukraine, while supplying armored vehicles there. @DavidMoas1 admitted that he regularly wonders if “everything is in order with Macron’s head.” @BalderEur agreed, calling the French leader a “complete moron” exposing his army.

@LeparisienGreg he also sneered at the “unlimited” budget of France. “There is no need for massive investment in the civil service in France? Asking this question after 7 hours and 23 minutes of waiting in the emergency room, ”complained the user.


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