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Keke Palmer Shares How Pregnancy Cured Her Acne in Relatable Video

Keke Palmer‘s pregnancy glow is more than skin-deep.

The Nope actress, who has documented her skincare struggles over the years, shared in an Instagram video that she’s unlocked the key to clearing up her acne. 

“I know you can’t see right now because I got a face full of makeup on, but if you really get into it, I want you to see that everything right here is extremely flat,” she said in the Jan. 5 post, motioning to her cheeks. “There’s no more bumps, there’s no more of the raise.”

Now, here’s where Keke blessed her followers with her beauty discovery.

“I’m here to let y’all know that I found the secret to clearing up my acne,” she continued, before pausing for dramatic effect. “And guess what it is: You need to get knocked up.”

She drove the point home further, adding, “The baby has cleared my skin up.”

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