Britney Spears ‘meditated’ on Shakira’s song for hours as she holds a lighter to her tongue

It wasn’t long before a conspiracy theory emerged online that the couple depicted in Sam’s snap didn’t feature him or Britney.

One Britney fan claimed, “The first pic is definitely not Britney! The girl is clearly wearing a wig.”

A second social media user speculated, “I’m not even gonna lie that doesn’t even look like Sam when you zoom in! Like look at his chin, that’s not him!!”

However, other fans of the couple were quick to dismiss the photo theories.

One social media user replied: “Britney is doing great y’all. Y’all got those conspiracy theories going.”

A second fan fumed, “She posts stuff, people criticize, she doesn’t post stuff people criticize, Sam posts stuff, people criticize!! Can people stop being so critical, the woman lives her life as she wants and needs! Be happy for them.”

 Source” Content adapted from daily-express


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