20-year-old blogger Elena Huelva dies of cancer, leaving a touching message

Edition star hit told the story of blogger Elena Huelva, who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma four years ago.

All this time, a native of Spain steadfastly struggled with a fatal disease. On January 3, she died in a Madrid hospice. She blogged about life with such diagnoses.

Despite feeling unwell, the girl tried to remain optimistic to the last. A few hours before her death, she left a touching message to subscribers.

“Today I woke up not in the best mood, it’s not good, it’s very scary. These were very difficult days, everything gets more complicated, but, as you know, I am stronger. I want you to know that I won a long time ago, ”wrote Elena, who has a million subscribers.

She also previously conveyed a different message to those who follow her on social media: “Let’s not leave things for later, enjoy, live, eat, fulfill dreams, love, hug, live now…”.

Source” Content adapted from theguardian

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